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TTC for July Lock Rss

Yayyyy officially in the 2WW!
Good luck girlies. This my my successful month two years ago smile such an exciting time xx
Hi ladies!

I promised myself I wasn't going to test early this month as I'm only 10 DPO today however two things happened. The first was a huge drop in BBT on 7DPO and then rose again sharply the next morning. I thought it was either an implantation dip I'd heard of or some random late ovulation (I had never got a positive opks this month but thought I'd just missed the surge). The second thing was nothing, as in no real feeling of anything except a few little twinges in that area.

So this morning I did my fmu and managed to be strong and not test but half an hour later when I needed to go again, I used a FRPT and got a second line grin

This is our (planned) third child so fingers crossed it all goes well as it will be our last!

Baby dust to you all, really hope you get your BFP this month too xo
My first post on huggies for months but TTC #2 but not successful this month but fingers crossed for the rest of you ladies xx

Hi All. DH and I have made the decision to TTC#2. We have a gorgeous 4 month old little man and after a little oooopps moment last month we were disappointed to see a BFN despite not trying. So we decided we are ready and this month is the month to start. O should be due around the 27th but my cycles are a little crazy since having our little man. Best of luck to you all smile

Is it possible for an ovulation test to still be positive 3 days later. The lines are just as dark as each other. So confused :-/
I've been seeing very faint second lines on HPTs, but hubby couldn't see the last one sad

Today, I got weird sore 'right' boob and I've had other weird pain type feeling across from left to right side, down low on belly.

I NEVER get a sore right boob; only left one, but only when AF is due to arrive... so it's very weird for me right now.

Partly I'm thinking I should just forget it for this month; and hang on till next, due to what seemed like AF even though it was early... thought it was implantation bleed... maybe it was an early AF, just a lighter one?
I really need to stop testing "EVERY" day :S

although, I just can't believe when I did the test like 7 days before AF was due; and I got a second line!!

Who knows whats going on???

Impatience will have to be pushed aside, and just wait!!!
oh, how I hate the wait, we've been trying for 2yrs now (as of August) sad

How did you go ** Positive Thoughts ** I wish you luck xxx

mrsing wrote:
How did you go ** Positive Thoughts ** I wish you luck xxx

Just gotta take it as a false positive now and that AF came early (for whatever reason) sad
Unless I start getting morning sickness, then I'll believe it lol

Dunno why it does that to me.

Might do another test later today. But yeah... Seems like it was just AF arriving early and for some reason a false positive sad

I'm sorry Positive Thoughts. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Faint BFP (but clear enough to see it), two days later BFN. A few days before the BFP, I was having some light red bleeding which I thought might have been the start of my period, but then it never eventuated so I thought it might have been IB.

The only thing I can think of for my BFP is a false positive too, but we use FRER's and they're usually so reliable. I have no idea.

Such an emotional rollercoaster. sad Bring on August.

I just got this! Trying not to get too excited since it's an eBay cheapie. I tipped out my cup of pee as I was 99% sure it was going to be negative and I could have a glass of wine tonight so now I can't test with a FRER.

Well daisy girl, that's not an ink stain, congratulations. Did you start taking the clomid before this? I'm now on cd39. Should I test tomorrow? I ovulated on day 29 so technically my periods arnt due until Monday. I don't feel pregnant. Think this is just another stupid cycle. I don't know if anyone's in adelaide but repromed are offering fertility tests for $85 single or $135 as a couple. Think it's just a blood test to check your egg reserve and a sperm count. Hubby thinks I'm being impatient as we only started on the 27april. But I'm going out of my head wondering if maybe it just isn't a possibility anymore.
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