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TTC for July Lock Rss

Joining for the month! I am CD13 today, hopefully in a good fertile week and crossing all of my fingers for July smile Good luck everyone
Joining in yet again ladies. This will be Cycle 14 (i think) Im not too fussed if i don't get a BFP for another 2 months cos I'm going on my honeymoon in September Woop Woop! Thailand here we come!

ALthough id happily postpone that honeymoon for a long awaited BFP thats for sure!

Good luck for July everyone x

I am truly going insane here. All the signs point to yes I'm 12dpo and just can't wait any longer the urge to test is so strong.....I'm not usually and emotional person person but this morning at work I reared up bcoz I didn't get the one extra shift I wanted, and I'm a grumpy boots today. Feeling of nausea is overwhelming and I swear my belly has expanded so much I now have an elastic band line indented in my stomach. So tell me ladies tomorrow will be 12dpo should I just get a 2 pack and go for it? Cramping is very noticeable and my lower back is killing me which hasn't really hurt during AF time, boobs are giving me issues too. Argghhh sorry for the rant. How's everyone's weekend going?
Welcome new comers and good luck, btw what does CD 13 means?
Negative 12dpo sad I was soooo sure never felt like this before oh well always next time
CD = cycle day. Adding myself to the list for this month. Just ovulated so fingers crossed.


dejanz, cycle 12, TTC#1, AF due 19th July

Me again for this month, I'm on cycle day 19 expected ovulation on day 24ish. Just purchased the more expensive clearblue digital ovulation tests to see if I can pin point my ovulation more accurately. Kind of calmed down with the bedding, even hubby commented the other day when I knocked him back, guess I thought last month I Hadith in the bag as we bedded every second day. But to no avail. Just got a second job so also kind of feeling like I need to take a backseat as I would like to work a good year or so before I need maternity leave. But it's normally these times when you do fall preg as it seems the universe thinks it's amusing to throw scanners in the works. Lol
Hi everyone. I'm new to this place too. I'm trying to conceive my second baby. I have a boy, 6months, and just stopped bf a month ago. Still no AF. It seems like - from my internet research - it can take anything from a month to 6 months or so to get your period again. I have been doing pregnancy tests in the hope I might already be pregnant but no luck. This weekend feeling very hormonal - in an angry rage at husband after he ignored something I was saying while he was watching the World Cup - pretty out of character for me. Not sure these are signs AF may be imminent or I am just suffering from 6 months of sleep deprivation. Would love to get pregnant again soon so my babies are close together in age. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone who is trying.
Welcome to the newcomers! Baby Dust to all.
I'll add myself to the list even though I think i'll have another long cycle.


dejanz, cycle 12, TTC#1, AF due 19th July
DaisyGirl. Cycle 3. TTC #1, AF due 11th July

Hi ladies,

Hope to see a few BFP's in July! New financial year babies. smile

I'm currently technically still in the two-week-wait of our first Clomid cycle after a miscarriage and d&c at 10 weeks in late April. I also had another miscarriage and d&c in January, it has not been a good year. I've been in and out of the TTC threads for a while - we've been trying for our first for almost two years now.

But I don't think this month is our month. I've had intermittent spotting throughout the month, particularly around ovulation time, but the brown spotting has changed to a light red in the last couple of days. Still only very light and not a 'flow' yet, and I've had people say that it could be a good sign (implantation bleeding) but I think it's the start of AF though. sad If it is AF, I just want her to show so we can know and focus on next month!

I'm currently CD27, 13DPO. I had a BFN when I tested yesterday, planning to test again tomorrow and Friday if AF doesn't properly appear by then.

Allykat - I use Clearblue Digital ovulation tests too - I buy them from eBay, their still expensive but a bit cheaper than buying from the pharmacy. They're so easy to read, and I like being able to exactly pinpoint.

Hanabo - Have you tested again? It's not over until AF arrives!

Good luck to you all. smile

Hi all...
I havent been here for quite a while.
I became an Aunty (officially) on 2nd July 2014.
My brother is a daddy!!
Pic of my little nephew is my profile pic now!!!
We are going to meet him for the first time on Friday, I'm so excited!!!

Still no baby news for us yet, although still trying (& having fun doing so) wink
heres hoping it happens soon for us; after all the dramas we've been through, hopefully my body can destress soon and it'll happen!!!
(hubby had heart attack on 10th May, 2 weeks later a good friend of ours died in a car accident, and only last week was told dad has bowel cancer - which can be removed as it hasn't spread)
enough dramas to last a life time!!!!

Will drop back in another day!!!

dejanz, cycle 12, TTC#1, AF due 19th July
DaisyGirl. Cycle 3. TTC #1, AF due 11th July
amck, Cycle 1, TTC#3, AF due 19 July
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