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Hi Ladies,

Im just wondering how much you weighed when you were ttc. I am currently 80kg.. I was 70kg 2 years ago and it has slowly creeped up and up.. I came off the pill 6 weeks ago and have been trying to eat a healthy diet and exercise as I ideally would like to lose 10-15kg..

Were any of you my size when you fell pregnant? Did you have any troubles and how much weight did you gain during pregnancy?

I don't want to gain anymore than I need.. and I know for women larger 10-12kg is the goal..

I guess it depends how tall you are. I'm about 165cm tall and weighed around 72kg both times I conceived. I don't think that 80kg sounds heavy at all smile
It can take a while to fall when you come off the pill, but saying I had been on it for many years and conceived about 3 months after coming off. If you want to optimise your chances you could get some cheap OPKs so you know when you are getting it on at the most likely time smile
Good luck!

age also affects how much weight you put on, and what number pregnancy it is ...
but laying completely off sugar and high carb food is always a good thing - even then it can be hard!
Missed the part when you asked about weight gain! smile
I gained 10kg with my first, I didn't eat that much at all and did a lot of physical exercise, baby stopped growing and we had to be induced, so this time round I am doing less and eating more. I am currently 32 weeks and have gained 11kg so far smile

I was 40 when I got pregnant and weighed 83kg I am 160cm, so technically morbidly obese on the bmi scale, but can out walk most people and cycle a lot. My doctor said I was over weight but fit. Im now 41 bub is 16 weeks and I am almost back to that weight again (I gained 30kg btw) I am now working on getting back too my long ago weight of 65-70kg so still have some distance to go

thanks so much everyone smile

Im 26 years old, this will be my first baby smile

I am 160cm short haha.. so obese also on the BMI scale.. Just don't want to hit the 3 digit number so scary and I already have a few stretch marks on my side and one on my stomach.. I am worried I am going o get the stretch marks all over too... how do I prevent stretch marks or you cant?

I am 29 this is my first pregnancy and only 154cm short/tall however you want to put it haha I was 75kgs when I found out I was pregnant so also considered obese on the bmi scale I have only gained 10 kgs and am 35 weeks pregnant all my weight gain is in my belly area nowhere else, As for stretch marks ...... I have gained alot of them......
ok thank you smile

is there a way we can get rid of our stretch marks? oh well all part of the experience I guess sad

thank you, im hoping I can lose 15kg at least or at least get down to 70kg before I fall pregnant.

My friend is pregnant and she has lost 3 kg so far and she is 20 weeks so that's good.

I am a chocaholic though lol

I have been told to use cocoa butter or bio oil to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks as yet I have not yet tried but I have had a whole heap just kinda appear in the last week so should get onto it haha
I really thought I would have gained a lot more weight than I have being from a bigger family and being so short any weight gain is noticable sad
I too battle the war against chocolate it just has that ability to drag me in everytime!!!
Oh yeah I have heard about bio oil too maybe I should start using it now as a moisturiser lol..

or coconut oil too I think?

yeah I go up down up down so annoying, I was 70 kg a year ago hard to take off easy to pop back on lol

geesh story of my life!

thanks for all your help ladies smile

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