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Transabdominal Cerclage Lock Rss

Hi everyone...just wondering if anyone has had a Transabdominal Cerclage? I have had 2 20 weeks miscarriages due to my weak cervix..i also have a bicornuate uterus. I was on progesterone which was not successful and from research i have seen that a cervical cerclage is not as successful as the transabdomninal. I was also wondering if this procedure is done in Auckland and what the costs are that are involved.
Hi Sandra_Toomaga
I haven't gotten the trans abdominal cerclage done yet but you can get it done in Auckland and from my understanding it doesn't cost anything, but I am currently 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant and going for my appointment in Auckland next Tuesday but I do hope that everything goes well for me and I have also got a whangai daughter as well so it has been a challenging event for both of is....
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