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Private Health Insurance. 9 Month wait Lock Rss

I'm with Australian Unity too and I've found them to be fantastic =)
Hi, I had a similar situation. The previous post is not true as they will cover you of you conceive within that period. As long as your due date is after the wait.
I upgraded my health insurance in April with NIB. They told me to wait at least 3 months before trying to conceive as it was a 12 month wait. After 3 months we started trying and I fell pregnant straight away. I panicked about having the baby early as my due date was only 3 weeks after my wait period!
I called NIB and said that I followed their instructions to wait 3 months but conceived right away (this was written on their website in fine print). They said all I needed to do was send in a letter from my obstetrician with my due date and to write a letter saying I wanted them to review my case and confirm that they wpuld cover me if my baby was born early. (Otherwise I'd be up for around $15k!)
NIB reviewed it and sent me confirmation in writing that I would be covered no matter when baby was born. They also sent me a schedule of everything I was covered for. They were really helpful as they WANT your business. Just be polite and try and get confirmation in writing if required or if your nervous.
A friend of mine had her due date only one day after her waiting period and her health fund still agreed to cover her.
Also I do know with Australian Unith you will need to upgrade to family cover at least 3 months before your due date for your baby to be covered (in case of any emergencies at birth).
Hope that helps. Pm if you have any questions.

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