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When to start taking maternity leave with first pregnancy Rss

Hey mamis!

Im pregnant with my first baby and have just hit 12wks (yaaay!) so now would like to start planning for my 14 wks maternity leave. Though I realise there are many different factors into this, I was wondering if there is a standard recommended time for first time mums to take leave before birth (a month before..? etc)

Id love to spend as much time as I can with our new baby before returning to work next year so any feedback would be great, it would help me decide how much leave I could consider taking before the birth, and how much I could have after the birth to spend with our lil one.

Thanks guys smile

(also I need a glossary for all the abbreviation language on here, Im so new I dont know what they all mean lol)

Congrats on pregnacy .

I didnt take maternity leave untill 2weeks befor dd was born but now i wish ihad taken a month of befor as i was so tied and befor i new it i was a mum and got no time for rest .
But thn iknow alot of peps who had to leave work 2months befor because they wer say sick

Dd -means darlin daughter
Ds-darlin son
Mil-mother in law
Fil-" " "
Dh- partner,husban,

Thats all i no lol and i thnk thats wot those ones mean.
If not some one will correct them .

It really depends on how you're feeling and what kind of job you do. With my first, I was a full time international flight attendant and finding the work very strenuous, was fainting in the mornings and I had GD so ended up finishing at 19 weeks. With this pregnancy I'm just doing 16 hours a week of easy check out at a supermarket. Even though I have a lot of pain this pregnancy, my shifts are short and tolerable so will be working until 32 weeks. It's really personal preference and doing as much as your body lets you.
I stopped right on 36 weeks. Wish I had gone earlier as a few days later I had dd prematurely

Great thanks ladies, you have already helped alot. I work in an office and Ive been very fortunate to not have any bad morning sickness, overall Ive had a lovely pregnancy with just tiredness in the afternoons - so I feel I could continue working a bit furhter into my pregnancy.

I have really good senior managers so Im sure they would be flexible with my hours if it meant I could stay at work a little longer. Weve had a few first babies born in our office over the last 2 years so they are VERY understanding (there must be something in the water!).

I need to print out all those abbreviations! Thanks again smile
For DS I finishes at 36 weeks which meant 4 weeks at home (DS came in his EDD).

This baby I finished at 34 weeks. I was exhausted and couldn't keep working - I have a very active 2 year old at home so no time to rest.

My work requires a medical certificate if you work after 34 weeks. I also have an active job working on my feet all day.

i guess it depends on your job and how demanding it is on you. I took off from 32 weeks (used up my 4 weeks annual holiday then straight onto maternity leave). my job was quite demanding, i stood for 9 hours a day and had to deal with rude customers and lifted heavy things. so really before DS came early at 38 weeks i had 2 weeks of paid maternity leave then 12 weeks after he was born. i took off a whole year so the rest was just unpaid.

my SIL is a teacher and she worked up until 4 days before her due date and then took leave. she did talk to the school about it and if bub came early she was allowed to take leave straight away.

so it depends on what job you do i guess and how comfortable you are working there in late pregnancy.

This is awesome advice, thanks for sharing your own experiences it really helps smile

I know for sure that I will be taking the 14wks maternity leave, and yep thank you Im aware of the year unpaid leave - I googled everything online as soon as I found out I was pregnant smile but still yet to sort out any unpaid leave. I have quite a bit of annual leave (and will clock up heaps more by then) which I can use and also right around 36 weeks will be when we go on christmas leave (incl. stat days etc) so I can factor all that in as well.

When I return to work I will be working part time so I can still have that extra time with pepi. I defintiely have a clearer direction now of when will be a good time for me to take leave smile
With my first I worked up to about 32 weeks, but that was because I am a teacher and end of term came then and it was the most sensible thing to do.
With my second I planned to work til I was about 37 weeks but got really sick and was in and out of hospital from about 30 weeks so I had to take leave early- kids give you everything as a teacher.. joys of the job!
With numbers 3 and 4 I was home but would have had to start leave at 30 weeks ish because I was again in and out of hospital with kidney stones etc,
My point being that you can plan all you want but have a back up in case you need to take time early, pregnancy has a mind of it's own.
With my first I was studying part time and so finished that up a few weeks before, can't remember exactly how many weeks I was. Last year I worked til about 38 1/2 weeks. This time I have put in to work to 36 weeks.
I'm currently 20wks and 2dys and hoping to stay at work for as long as possible. I work at a desk most days and only become tired later in the day. My work is flexable so working from home is an option later if I need.
Are you on a permanent (or permanent part time) contract? If you are you'll be eligible for parental leave which will give you more time at home... 14 weeks goes far too quick and I'm sure many mums struggle with going back to work so early. I was lucky enough to get parental leave, so I didn't have to go back to work til bubba was 8 months old, and this still had me in a mild panic!

My first baby I stopped work 6 weeks before she was due. I didn't have much choice because I fainted at work and being the only child carer at the centre they told me it was not safe for me to be working alone if this was going to be happening (luckily there was a parent there at the time). Having that much time before the birth was a killer for me, it made time drag on an having such anticipation for the birth I felt like I'd be pregnant forever.

With my second I stopped work 2 weeks before and it was perfect. I will admit that the last two weeks of working was a struggle as my workplace is so full on and high energy (I'm a nurse now), but knowing I only had a short time left helped me work. I'm glad I worked for that long... Because when I finished I couldn't rest anyway, I cleaned like a mad thing and you can't get comfortable or get lots of sleep anyway. So I'm glad I didn't have any more time than that.

Take it as it comes, everyone is different and you'll find what works for you. smile

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