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Buying ovulation and pregnancy testing strips in NZ? Lock Rss

hi hucklebug you can get them from as well, i also used trying to conceive at times to. Hope this helps grin grin

have you had a look on trade me?
I have never actually used an OPK so I dont know how good they are or if its a good price.
you can buy 10 ovulation tests for 5 dollars plus postage starting at $2.50

have a look at this aution on trade me. also look at the sellers other listings cause they sell them in other quantities as well. they work out to be 50cents each and then postage as well.

all good. grin maybe you did spell it wrong. something i would do if my computer didnt underline every incorrectly spelt word i type. laugh

I noticed that Wheedle has HPT strips for sale cheap - as well as ovulation strips. Trademe rules dont allow the sale of HPT's!
not a clue - sorry! Bought ovulation strips from Trade Me and asked the seller if she had HPTs as well and she said the TM rules wouldnt allow the sale of HPTs??? Weird I know
I bought some off I got 30 for about $18 + shipping.
I have alot of strips i brought off TM a week or so ago, I have now decided to use mayby baby. You can have my OPK if you like. PM your address and ill send/gift them too you.
They may well have been withdrawn - I was going to buy some but got fed up with the website freezing! Just tried to go in and search for them again (i just searched "pregnancy") and it wont even load up. Itll never take off if they dont fix the website!
Hi there,

You can buy a wide range of pregnancy and ovulation tests over at

They are as cheap as $0.50 a test and most of the products are FDA approved. Two-day shipping available too!

Good luck smile
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