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3rd child? Lock Rss

I have two beautiful baby girls! ones 3 and the other is 16mnths I would love a 3rd child but I would love a boy! My partner doesnt wanna another girl their for doesnt wanna have another kid he reckons these two will be enough hormones in the house when they are teenagers lol Has anyone had two girls and then a boy? and note every girl in my family (mums, aunties) on my mums side has only ever had girls so their are alot of girls is it possable we just cant concieve boys? smile TIA
I know a few people that went on to have a boy after two girls so its very possible (50/50 odds). Some try to sway the odds to get that boy. I also have a friend that has just had her third girl. If I was you i would read up about the swaying methods (as a pp suggested) perhaps give it shot. However, I would only do it if I was sure that I would be happy to have a third girl.

Oh and on a side note, it's the male that determine gender of a child as he as both the x and y chromsomes in his sperm. So despite your family history of girls, it's got nothing to do with the females in your line, but rather their partners.
We have two girls ( 5 and 15 months) and fell pregnant last year with our son.

Personally if hubby isn't happy with just having a healthy child, then I wouldn't be trying for another baby as regardless of what you try, your odds are still going to be 50/50
I had 4 girls, we tried the shettles method and positions with our 4th to get a boy but we concieved a girl lol. We just are not meant to have a boy which is sad as my df is the last male in his family:(

not me,I have 3 boys LOL but I know several people who have had girls then a boy or 2.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

We have 4 girls, i am pregnant with our 5th bub, we dont know what the sex is yet.
We had 2 girls.. 6 and 3 when we found out we were having another bub. We had another beautiful baby girl 3 months ago. We would have loved a boy but she has been the perfect addition to our family. smile

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I have two gorgeous girls aged nearly 6 & 4 1/2, when my youngest daughter was 16 months old and after our wedding we decided to have another child and conceived straight away, we had a healthy bubba boy! Didn't try any method as we were happy with a healthy child, it was special that he was a boy and it was a new experience and he's fantastic! But have a baby to have a baby, not for the sex because it could let you down. I know people don't agree with that but we shouldn't have our heart set and choose. Many women can't get pregnant so it's amazing to carry life into this world xxx

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