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Help for a late diagnosis of PCOS, on Metformin Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I'm 23 and trying to conceive.

I'm all new to this, I got diagnosed with PCOS about a fortnight ago after having regular 28 day periods. About this time last year I came off a contraceptive pill since they play havoc with my moods, and I was blessed with a partner shortly afterwards who wanted to have children. I was thrilled, but we weren't ready just yet and wanted to get married first. I ended up taking 3 morning after pills over the course of 7 months, a nuvaring for 24 hours and we were using condoms for a little while.

After the first morning after pill my period started going funny, it would be late by a few days, early by a few days, didn't really think much of it. I just thought it was stress. I also had one or two perfectly regular periods.

Now I get bleeding every 8 days, I thought it was ovulation spotting, but then I was diagnosed with PCOS not by my regular GP and didn't believe it, then I saw my regular GP and it was confirmed. Up until this point, since I'd had my hormones tested 3 years ago, I thought I was pretty fertile.

My partner and I have thrown all our plans to conceive in certain months out the window. It's been about 13 days since we started trying, and since I was started on Metformin only to find I was bleeding again today, just after I thought I'd ovulated.

I'm feeling rather distraught, and I'm thinking of seeing my GP again and getting an ultrasound because I can't keep bleeding every 8 days.

I'm also trying to fit exercise into my Uni schedule as I failed last semester due to worrying about my periods and thinking I was pregnant, when it was just PCOS.

I'd really like some advice. sad

Hi there and welcome to the crappy world of having PCOS. The reason you periods started going haywire once you stopped the pill is because now your body doesnt have help to regulate everything. If your anything like me, you produce to much FSH and therefore you body cant concentrate on one egg to grow, so you dont get an LH surge to eject one fully grown ovum and therefore make the CL - instead, your body can try to mature 100s of eggs at the same time.
Also, you can get the really annoying side effects for PCOS like weight gain, excess hair growth (YUCK) and pimples! I take 3 EPO caps every day but chose not to take metformin due to my now higher risk of developing osteoporosis. It took me 3 years of unprotected sex to get pregnant. I no its frustrating, but be patient, forget about 'trying' to get pregnant and just shag for fun, concentrate of your life and your partner and once day, sooner than you think you will be standing over the loo, spewing, with a smile on your face smile
Good luck
I have haywire periods, high androgens, low female hormones, and insulin intolerance. My testosterone levels are normal at the moment, but I was diagnosed through blood tests.

The first doctor was very rude to me, since I have always been overweight, and implied I would never have children unless I got down to a size 6. I've been the same weight for about 9-10 years now and it's been steady. I haven't put on any extra weight, and before I was diagnosed, I'd been going on a progesterone only pill to stop excessive breast growth.

I've only had GP's tell me I have it, and I only have about 3 of the 12 main symptoms, so I think it's early days yet.

I'm considering going on a combined pill, but female hormones make me feel ill and suicidal, but androgens I'm okay with. It's rather comfortable, but when the testosterone rears it's head I'll have to get some female hormones.

Apparently my female hormones are binding with proteins and being useless? I've had to look up all my own information on PCOS, and I'm still stuggling with any information on it.

My mother appears physically to have had PCOS since puberty (unable to lose weight, breasts didn't grow, hirsute and heavy periods) and since my younger sister, she also developed type-2 diabetes, but she's now post menopausal, so I'll never know if she had it or not. But the doctors both claimed that it was hereditary, and my usual GP was convinced that what the not usual GP said was true.

I'd like to go to a specialist, but in Perth I wouldn't know where to start. sad

I'm getting lots of abdominal pains and only bleeding a little bit and it all smells like ammonia, so I'm really worried about cysts,so I'm going to book another doctors appointment and see if I can get an ultrasound.


Also, just a quick success story of my best friend who has PCOS, she was told she'd never be able to have kids by her GP at 12, 6 months into a relationship she fell pregnant, it was amazing. smile Now because of this, I have my partner, we met as Godparents. smile

I also have PCOS - well doctors seem to think I have it. I have most of the symptoms, except none of the cysts. One doctor did, however, tell me that they now think you don't need to have the cysts to have PCOS.

I came off the pill after 6 years, and did not start ovulating. After about 8 months, I did a lot of research online, and discovered that PCOS is linked to insulin intolerance. So piecing together all the different things people said to do to address the symptoms, I worked out that exercising and losing weight (I wasn't overweight per se, but had got a bit chubby after coming off the pill), eating a low GI diet, and taking vitex agnus castus might all help kick start ovulation. So I started doing all of these things.

After 11 months of not ovulating, I went to my doctor to find out what interventions might be needed to kick start ovulation. I was referred to the fertility specialists, but a week later I discovered that I was actually 5 weeks pregnant. I now have a lovely little boy who is 2 weeks old.

I don't know if my body naturally started ovulation, or one of the things I was doing actually worked. But once I felt like I had put an 'action plan' in place, I started to relax and feel less stressed by the whole thing. As I told a friend of mine also with PCOS, a diagnosis of PCOS doesn't necessarily mean that conceiving won't happen, it might mean that it just takes time and patience. The more relaxed and better you feel, that can only help.
I found out at 18 I had pcos, you don't have to have cysts they can come and go and burst etc I have very high levels of testerone which sucks! Metformin hasnt helped regulate me at all and cycles range from 32-51 days, we've been trying for 14-15 months now but will get there. Bleeding every 8 days is def def not normal and the doc should be able to help you out.

Okay, doctor's started me on a combined pill, let's see if that starts up my ovaries, I'm supposed to be on it for 3 months straight, no sugar pills, then start it out normally since he doesn't want to see me get anaemia.

I hope it kicks my ovaries into gear. But if not, I'll do my best. The metformin and a lower GI diet have been helping my energy levels, so fingers crossed my lady bits get themselves sorted and maybe we'll have a pleasant surprise, as my fiancé says. I'm not expecting to regulate that easily, but I've been really worried and I'm upping my exercise and walking places when I can.

Okay, 5 days in, I'm taking Levlen and I've got bloating, backache, nausea and a really REALLY bad case of the sad. I'm not normally a positive person, but this is kinda life threatening. And I was in bed all day Sunday, any of you ladies had this with a pill before? ;_;

I'm seeing the doctor, since the pill's been making me suicidal, and I can't really adjust to that. It's not the first pill that's been like that, and it probably won't be the last, I don't really want to keep taking it, since it's bad for my mental health, and my body.

It's really hard waiting, but I'll do my best, trying not to let the PCOS rule my head.

Hehe, the exercise is the hardest part, diet change is easy, but the exercise? Ugh, I've been walking around a lot on campus, and if I have somewhere to go I'll walk a good 10km's in a day. I wish I could apply that to the 'need to be healthy for future bubs' attitude.

I've been started on Spiractin, but this morning my fiancé noticed my areola were darker, I haven't noticed a difference, but I mentioned it to mum and she seems to think I may already be pregnant along with other symptoms I listed;
mood swings
unusual period
tight abdomin

I haven't taken a test yet, but I've also been feeling a bit slow to think and forgot to mention it to the doctor, since I didn't think it was anything to be worried about.

wacko Do you have any suggestions? I'm busy finishing off my last two weeks at uni so I'm in a non stop uni mode and thinking about essays. I'm in the dark. :0

I noticed that I wasn't feeling so bloated, but it came back with the nausea. I took a pregnancy test this morning, but it was negative. I really have no idea what's up, but (this will be TMI) my vagina's gotten REAAAALLY tight. It's just been for the past two days. sad I don't know what to do, and I feel like I'm bugging my doctor, but I don't know what's going on sad

I had severe cramping, worse than any period I've ever had. The clots are enormous, the size of the top of my finger and there's bits of grey and pink..... Was I pregnant? Was this a misscarriage? Please help. sad

Hello. I have the PCOS curse too. Now my first baby was easy, after 8 months without a period I was diagnosed with PCOS - one dose of clomid and I got pregnant no worries.

Currently trying for the second and things are getting more tricky. First cycle was clomid, I ovulated but didn't get pregnant. Tried a second cycle with clomid but didn't ovulate. As I was having severe symptoms on the clomid my doctor suggested I try the FSH injections. So I started those and after 9 days went back and there were 2 follicles developing nicely and was told to come back in another 4 days. When I went back, those two follicles had actually not only stopped growing but regressed, because all of the other little follicles were soaking up the FSH. So I have increased my FSH dose for another week. Still don't know the results of that but it will be 18 days of FSH injections and no garuantee it will work. I have a bad feeling that with this dose increase, i will over-produce follicles and have to cancel the cycle for this month.

It's extremely frustrating. I think because PCOS is so common and because lots of people it goes unnoticed and they become pregnant easily, people just assume it's not a big deal. But it can make TTC really complicated and the irregular periods make you constantly wondering - am I pregnant or not?

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