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cost of pregnancy for international student Rss

Dear Huggies,

i want to know are there any chance for an international student with a medibank, but cant covered for pregnancy? i know that we must wait for the waiting period which is 12 months. just wanna know are there any chance to cover this up? since i follow my husband here, and we already planned to get a baby ASAP smile
it would be great if there are ways to minimize the cost

Medicare covers I believe 75% of costs and then health insurance covers the remaining 25% (approx) so if you don't have medicare it will cost quite a bit of money for you regardless of what health insurance you have. You maybe best speaking with your health insurance company for more advice.

I think you would need to speak to a range of government departments to get accurate information. Would you plan on going into a Public Hospital as a private patient, using a Private Hospital or using a Public Hospital as a public patient.

Perhaps start with the university who sponsored the student visa, your Private Health Fund and an OB, if you intend on using one.

Here is a link to an article that may help-

This is also an article I found, which seems to show that some Public Hospitals can, and may, refuse to treat you as an International Student.
Dont know of any companies that dont have the waiting period
however if you are coming for new zealand and you wanting to go public here in australia you will find medicare will cover it under the recipacal agreement
ring medicare australia and they will explain
Hi Huggies

thanks for all replies.i went to medibank, and sadly medibank cant cover my pregnancy since i arrived in sydney 4 months ago and my due date will be on 1 january 2013. and it stated that theres a waitng period for pregnancy which is 12 months.
already went to RPA camperdown, and its fine for them. and cost quite bit money smile

the article you gave me were really interesting. thank you very much

i just keep trying to find a way how to minimize the cost

thank you..GBU all
Hi Rainjyhorn,
My name's Michaela & I'm currently researching the topic of international students who fall pregnant and the costs/medical issues involved. I'd really love to hear more about your experiences and am currently talking to other students in the same position. My email is I'd love to have a chat.
Hi Huggies

just got a quote from my local public hospital in sydney..the cost of delivery a baby is 10.800+ AUD
last year after june 2012, it increase almost 100% then last june when i made a call to ask for the cost which was 6000+

i feel sorry for my husband, but these is our dream, our first baby

Well, it depends upon the country. Various country has various price.
Delivery of a baby includes a hospital stay which can vary in length depending on the type of birth and complications and is the most expensive portion of the pregnancy. On average, without insurance, an uncomplicated vaginal birth will cost around $12,000, while a standard cesarean section will cost $17,000 in the US.

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

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