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Hi. Any updates on your friend's procedure? I'm waiting with my fingers crossed! My sister wants to have IVF, too. As I have no ovaries, I can't suggest her anything. I'm not experienced with IVF. I told her to have surrogacy like I did. But she wants to experience it all. Please update soon xx
AshleyH wrote:
It is not only legal in most countries, but also a very selfless act. I am so happy that we still have humans with hearts. What you are thinking to do is nevertheless a painful procedure for you emotionally and physically. However, it is a pleasure when you see the couple's faces light up as they hold the baby you gave birth to. I had surrogacy, and I know I can never be ungrateful to the surrogate mother. If it wasn't for her, DH and I would have been at a very different place in life. Go ahead and make someone happy, you'd be happier.

Yes, definitely! Before choice done so many things are there to consider among countries/clinics! I've already shared some of the thoughts. Here comparison makes perfect. If we take for example, the UK legislation. The woman who gives birth is always treated as the mother in UK law and has the right to keep the child. Even if they’re not genetically related. However, parenthood can be transferred by parental order or adoption. Also surrogacy contracts aren’t enforced by UK law. (Even if you’ve a signed deal with your surrogate and have paid for her expenses!)It’s illegal to pay a surrogate in the UK, except for their reasonable expenses. As for father’s rights. The child’s legal father or ‘second parent’ will be the surrogate’s husband or partner unless: legal rights are given to someone else through a parental order or adoption. Or the surrogate’s husband or civil partner didn’t give their permission to their wife or partner.(If your surrogate has no partner, or they’re unmarried and not in a civil partnership, the child will have no legal father or second parent unless the partner actively consents.) The thing which bothers with the US law, for example, is that in some states surrogate mothers retain a parental right to the child. She can even pursue custody!! Even though the embryos placed in the surrogate have both of your DNA, the surrogate mother’s name is on the birth certificate! And then you have to go through the process of adopting the baby in court! One of the biggest factors is also time. All of the legal paperwork, signing a contract, matching a surrogate, having the surrogate go through the work-up, and so on, and next thing you know..It’s been a year or two since you started the process! Furthermore, american clinics are often touted as the best worldwide, but success rates at quality IVF clinics in Ukraine or Mexico are similar. Meanwhile the cost of an IVF procedure in the US is about $35,000 USD, while overseas the same procedure costs about $6,000 USD.There are some cross-border programs that take advantage of less expensive IVF clinics overseas. The most notable use clinics in Mexico with a surrogate from the United States. But you can also create embryos in Kiev for export. In rare cases you can even use excellent clinics in countries where surrogacy has been tightly restricted, like India or Cambodia. But whether this will save you money is doubtful.
Finally, Ukraine. Under Ukrainian law the baby is yours from the moment of conception. A surrogate has no rights to keep the baby after delivery. Costs - they have all-inclusive surrogacy programs which include everything outside the plane tickets. If you decide to go on with donor egg after attempts failed with own egg - this won't cost you additional fees with Biotexcom. (We're currently passing de ivf with them). Furthermore, they'll continue trying unless the live birth. There is the guaranteed money refund in case they fail which is a nice feedback for further options. Anyway you'll not loose your money with some guaranteed programs. Well, it took really long. But I hope this helps someone with drawing conclusions.
I appreciate your effort. You are doing a great job. Indeed your thoughts are positive. It doesn't matter if you are planing on taking money. Everyone has its own life and problems. You are helping infertile couples to have a baby. We need more people like you. You are the one who understand others infertile pain. Such a beautiful soul you are. I recommend you to visit Ukraine clinics for surrogacy. Bio TexCom is the best clinic for it. Clinic has the latest technology and hygiene. The packages are also affordable. They are also looking for surrogate mothers. Think about it.
Greetings! Surrogacy is such a great blessing to the infertile ones. You are doing an incredible job. Artificial treatments for infertility are practiced in almost all the parts of the world. Moreover, all these treatments are economic. I'm sure that it will fulfill the needs of all the aspirants. Best of luck for the surrogacy journey!
Hey. How are you doing? First, let me say what a wonderful thing you are thinking to do. I really want to congratulate you for this wonderful thinking. I am feeling amazed. You are ready to hurt yourself to give someone happiness. You are just from another planet. Really massive respect for you. And yes I will pray that your wish came true. Nowadays surrogate is charging this. And you are charging it for free. Reall I can not beleive. You are such a wonderful lady. Best wishes for you.
Hey there hope you are fine.You are going to do an amazing deed. This society need more woman like you.I hope you best people contact you. Wish you good luck for your journey.Stay Blessed and happy
That's so thoughtful of you. This is great that women do offer to be a surrogate to others. Happy to know that you women exist in this world. Not only you I have observed a number of posts where women seem to be offering to be surrogates. And that's just amazing. It is a great emotion that would bound the world together. The emotion where women consider the pain of infertility. And if it grows greater you won't find any negativity that surrounds infertile women.
"Hey. I would suggest your sister Surrogacy. Surrogacy is far better than other alternatives. As it's painless. Due to Cervix incompetence disease, I remained left Infertile. I went to the treatment but it didn't work for me. I chose to go for surrogacy after all the disappointment. Somebody suggested me a Europian clinic center. I agreed to go there. That is the best center for surrogacy. I have made my mind for it. I hope this would help her.
Hey, I hope you're doing well. It really makes me happy that you are deciding to opt for surrogacy. I have massive respect for surrogates. I feel like they are angels sent on earth. As an infertile couple life gets so much difficult to cope up with. You are constantly in a battle fighting your inner self. However, when I started researching on this process I could see a new hope. I hope you are able to find suitable intended parents.
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