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TTC with a head cold, can it work? Lock Rss

hi everyone,
DH and I are TTC and (according to my calculations)im one day away from ovulation and i have started what i thik will turn into a head cold ( i have a very sore throat). DH and I have been BD'ing for the last week and a half and im wondering is this sore throat the begining of a cold or maybe a really early pregnancy sign. Has anyone had or heard of a similar experience? Is it possible to concieve during a head cold??? Any replies would be appreciated. Baby dust to all smile
I've never heard of cold and flu symptoms being an early pregnancy sign, no. Having said that though, I wouldn't be at all surprised if some women did experience early pregnancy as this. But I would honestly say don't hold your breath for being pregnant already, especially if according to your calculations you are only just about to ovulate.

I can't see how having a head cold could impact on your chances of conceiving, unless you felt too sick to BD or were on antibiotics or someother kind of med that could interfere wih ovulation. Unlikely I would think though, even so!

So good luck on your journey, feel better and fingers crossed!
Thanks Orchalia!
considering that they say that the pill is not 100% effective when you're sick (and to use other protection).. maybe your chances are higher than normal wink

Good luck

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fingers crossed tracey! thanks and good luck on your upcoming wedding!
and congrats on your bubba due soon, exciting times!!
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