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Is this labor?? Lock Rss

Soo.. I am 35 weeks and baby turned and 'dropped' weeks ago. Over the past few days I have noticed that the aches I have been whinging about actually have a bit of a pattern to them. First I will get a dull period like pain followed by a feeling like someone is pulling the top of my vagina apart, I imagine this is the pubic bone?? then it will go away. it sticks around for anywhere up to a min but has no rhythmic pattern to it. When I get the pulling feeling my tummy does harden a bit but not like it does with Braxton Hicks where it goes rock hard. Could these be early contractions? They are very different to B. H (I have been having those since early days)
Did u end up seeing anyone about those bad pains last week?
Yes, I did snowflake. I got hubby to take me to the after hours that night. They just told me to bed rest and not go anywhere or do anything, I still get them at night but not as severe provided im lying down for a chunk of the day. I had to go and get another ultrasound and some tests done but baby was fine. Its all so scary not knowing whats happening down there and feeling all these things and not knowing if they mean anything..grrr..
You know when your in labour. I always asked people how I would know and they said "you just know." and sure enough I did just know wink

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