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Does anyone have a pcos success story?? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I do have a little boy who is 3 i am very lucky to have him grin. Fell pregnant as son as i stopped the pill so explains why i fell pregnant so quick. But I have been off the pill for 4 years now. I was just wondering if anyone fell pregnant with pcos and what treatments did you use be it medical or natural? We have been trying to concieve for over 18 months. Will be see fertility specialist next month regarding going on clomid. Has anyone tried a specific diet to help? i have gained some weight over the last few years but i think this is linked to my pcos as my diet has not changed if anything its alot healthier than before my little came along. I guess what i'm hoping for is some hope that things could possibly work out for us
Thanx in advance for any repies grin
I do!!!
Hubby and I have been trying for over 2 years and about 15 weeks ago I feel pregs! I had to look after myself tho I stoped eating crap (Iput on alot of weight due to PCOS) and started going to the gym ect taking vitamins and all that stuff so yeh its possible and seeing you have one you should be fine tends to be ok after you have had one
oh and I refused to take pills from the dr just the preg vitamins and folic acid stuff like that I hated the pills the dr gave me
I do. I fell pregnant with DD the first month off the pill so thought it would be that easy again. I stopped breastfeeding after 6weeks and didnt get any periods or BFP's. After she was 9months old I went to the Dr and got bloods done and an ultrasound which showed a very fast growing cyst and bloods came back that I had pcos. When she was 10months old I got the cyst removed and had spotting the following month. After that I got short periods but my cycles were irregular. In January 2008 I was having ovulation blood tests as I was due to start clomid in feb and found out DS was on his way. Since having the cyst removed I worked hard to loose 10kgs which I think made all the difference for me. I know I am very blessed that it happened and we didnt need to go down the clomid path but were all prepared to if needed.

Goodluck on your TTC journey.

I fell pregnant when I was 18 with my son very easily and thought conceiving bub #2 would be just as easy. I was very wrong. My periods had always been irregular but I never thought much of that and my weight gain. Ultrasounds showed after having my son that I had PCOS and that we would most likely need IVF to conceive again. I was put on metformin and told not to stress over it because I was so young. I think its wrong that they were so easy to push things aside without pushing us down other avenues to fall pregnant as we were both trying so hard with so much heartache. We had a miscarriage in August last year that made me reconsider whether we should keep trying... determination soon returned to have a 2nd baby. All up we tried for 15 months straight, I lost 5kgs and just before Christmas we conceived. I found out we were pregnant early January and our expecting our little girl in September just before my 21st. All I can say is that don't give up, go for a walk each day about 5kms is all you may need and eat as healthily as you can. I just changed my lifestyle and didnt take the metformin I just had sheer determination to prove the doctors wrong about needing ivf. Best wishes to all you ladies out there with pcos ttc =)
I was off OCP for 8 months and never got a period... diagnosed with PCOS and was about to start clomid when doc did u/s and said I'd ovulated and to wait for period before starting clomid... never got that period because I was pregnant. Sadly, m/c that bub but doc then said to start taking clomid straight away because m/c was complete and my uterus was "cleaned out"... mc was first week of september and I was pregnant again after one cycle of clomid at end of september! Now have beautiful 4 wk old baby girl! Good luck!

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I have pcos when on half a tablet of clomid fell preg then at 12 weeks lost the baby ,took a while till i was ready to try again then did it again and had twins and then 6 months after having the twins with out any clomid i found out i was having another baby and now i have 3 babies .So good luck .

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My sister and I both have PCOS.
I got diganosed this time last year, and it was the worse period of my life cause I thought I would never ever get pregnant. So when I finished my exams in October, my then DP and I thought we would start TTC, as it was going to be a long journey afet all. Especially since my DP was only due to be home for one weekend until CHristmas leave.
I got pregnant the one weekend he was home. I had been lined up for surgery to get a camera in my uterus that had to be postponed. I was nineteen which helps a lot I guess, they say he younger you are the easier it is. But I do get a lot of slack from people who don't understand why my DH and I are having a baby so young.
My eldest sister has PCOS worse than me, they only found it on her last year and as she is five years older, it was a lot worse on her than me. She is on various meds, and is getting her cysts removed next month so she can have a baby =) Shes been trying with her DH my BIL for about two years now.

I have pcos and fell pregnant after about a year off the pill. I really credit loosing the 10 kilos to helping me conceive, pretty much as soon as I hit the 70kg mark I was its starting to come back on 28 weeks into my pregnancy! Good luck with you journey smile
Yep - PCOS here too!
I am truely blessed - i have 2 naturally conceived children. DS is 12 & DD is 4.

The biggest thing that i was told by my 'people' was that with women that have PCOS, they concieve much easier when they are thinner - so try to lose weight - we all know how bloody hard that is with the condition!

I wish everyone luck that is still TTC!
I have PCOS too smile and DF and I conceived naturally after like over 2 years trying ( probably over 1 1/2 determined as anything trying).. DF & I started eating healthy - we were already pretty healthy but cut down on heaps of junk and fizzy's etc( not like diet food like salads etc, but 3 square meals a day atleast and a great fresh variety and decent snack foods) and exercising together(we enjoyed walking in the local botanical gardens)and it was great for our relationship to have that time to reflect on the day at work and have heaps of fun while doing something good for our health, DF quit smoking too, and we're not regular drinkers so that was sweet. We even talked to Doctor about the 6month IVF waiting list as I was told I'd never conceive naturally and In NZ you can get 3 IVF rounds govt funded & then we'd pay for the rest after..During the wait for the next appointment we went back to having sex for the sake of expressing and making love (instead of to make a baby)and enjoying it more then ever. We ended up not needing IVF and before our next apt to go through paper work etc we had a BFP smile I'm now just about 23 weeks pregnant with a little girl smile

So my advice to you :
If you drink, cut down. If you and DH smoke quit( you'll have to when you get BFP anyway). Exercise more, Eat better, Cut down on all the crap fizzy drinks and energy drinks to a couple a week at the most. Don't have sex to get pregnant, Have sex to enjoy yourself etc
I have pcos and fell pregnant 8mths ago naturally took me n hubby about 3years but we have success n expecting our bub in 3 weeks <3 so have hope n good luck
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