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Hi guys
We have bee ttc for nearly 18 months. This month i was due for af on 24/06 so i am 6 days late. I have taken 2 preg tests 1 on friday and 1 yesterday. Both were negative. I did one today but it didn work. I can't get into my dr for a fortnight. I just want to know if anyone else has had this happen to them and ended up pregnant?
Hello, yes this happened to me except I was still getting negative tests weeks late!!!! I ended up being 3.5 weeks late for my AF when I finally got my BFP.
thankyou for the reply. smile ive decided to wait til im 14 days overdue to retest and then i'll have my dr appointment a week later. Fingers crossed for me i just want to know either way so we can be excited or start again. Thanx again
I was 20 days past my missed period with my first baby when I got a positive home test:-)
All the best!
Ok I thought i might update the lovely people that replied. I was not pregnant but have seen my dr. I have pcos and a bicornuate uterus. So going to have a procedure next month then looking at going on clomid. It does explain alot of my concerns. So at the moment i'm releived but now i am also worried that it might not ever happen for us again unsure . But fingers crossed for me
thanx guys smile
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