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Question for those more experienced then I Lock Rss

Hello all! How are you? Ok i have a question. I Had a complete MC at 11 weeks nearly 4 weeks ago now. I have been seeing my doc to have my bloods monitored until my HCG returned to 0 wich it did early last week. Just off a whim i took an OPK test on friday the 6th wich was a faint positive like really really faint. On the 7th it was darker and then almost as dark as the control line on the 8th, then faded back out to a negative by the 10th. So i was slightly suprised cause i really didn't think i would O before my AF, but we BD'd anyway just once as doc said it was ok to try again. But then yesterday and the day before (11th and 12th) i have had some spotting when i wipe. And as of this morning nothing. So could this be AF? And if so why did i O so close to AF? Or could it be implantation?? Or is it normal for the body to be a bit confused after a MC? Thanks for your time smile
Im not too sure re some of the things you were asking BUT, what I do know is that ovulation or more specifically the hormones that are produced around ovulation is what triggers a period, but after a mc it is very normal for things to be a bit out of whack, OR even to get pregnant straight away - I know loads of people who have a baby exactly 9 months after a miscarriage!!! Good luck and I hope you get what you want!!!


Hi, I went through 6 cycles of IVF. Like yourself I had bleeding, after we had put the embroy back in and had to wait our 2 weeks to do our test, each time to miss carry at 5weeks. When I rung the clinc they said spotting can be quite normal for most women whether they fall normally or with assistance, but it is also to do with the colour and how heavy. Each time I saw the spotting I was off my feet and in bed to see if it may help with attachment of the embroy. So when I saw the spotting on our 6th and last attempt my heart sank. I went home rung the clinc and was put to bed, the bleeding had slowed down majorily by the afteroon we were only at week 4 it was the week of Easter and still had a week and a half before we could even consider doing a test for hormone/pregnancy levels, I had pretty much decided it was all over, but just kept saying to myself, keep thinking positive, so you can imagine my surprise when we did the test and it was POSITIVE. We now have a gorgeous 5.5month old little boy, and I can tell you I would not have changed a thing we had done for the 15 months prior. Just keep thinking positive, try to put your feet up if possible and make sure you have lots of support, All the best I hope it is good news.
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