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The pre-baby making - not for the fainthearted Rss

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I like your forum. It's so necessary for women to feel this support. I totally agree that motherhood changes our lives. For some time we need to forget about our job and personal needs. It's dificult for me to imagine how can I be without my lovely job on But born of my baby is much more important.
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Yep, this board is just amazing! Yet another thing, which has been discussed here once - the most suitable gap between kids. For as much thought and worry as parents put into figuring out when to have another child, there really is no single best time to have another child. There are benefits and drawbacks to having children spaced closely together just as there are pros and cons of having kids spaced further apart. It all depends on your particular family dynamic and what you can handle or want for your family.
Here are some thoughts as for 12 to 18 month gap between kids. 
'In general, siblings that are closer in age demonstrate less sibling rivalry and the kids play together well, which many parents love. The reason for this is because the first child is still too young to have developed a strong sense of identity or jealousy. They welcome a playmate with open arms.
Another reason parents consider under two years to be the best time to have another child is to condense all of the sacrifices and work that go into raising young children into one time period. When children are spaced close together one parent may decide to stay home with them until they are in school. This can save on childcare costs and if and when the parent does decide to re-enter the workforce he or she will have been out of it for less time, making it easier to transition into becoming a working parent.
The drawbacks to having kids close together are the intense needs of toddlers and babies and the toll on the mother’s body. When you have two young children you have two sets of diapers, two kids who may not sleep through the night, two kids to potty train. Everything is doubled, but then it’s over and done with.
Additionally, the physical toll on the mother’s body may be hard to bear. Her body is just recovering from the previous birth and she may still be breastfeeding. You may be forced to wean your first child before you are ready.' Hope this helps.
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Hi, ladies! I'm sorry for the issues you're facing. IVF is a demanding process for sure. We'd been in this for years unless used de ivf abroad. I'm not sure I know the difference only the obvious amount of drugs you take with no down regging first. The long protocol is typically for those with a normal fsh level - under 10 and under 35 yrs of age who they think will respond well. With long protocol you down reg which switches off your sytem completely and then you start stimming. Short protocol they don't down reg you. Although the month before they may control your cycle with hrt or the pill. But basically because you're cycle isn't shut off in the same way as with down regging it doesn't have to work so hard to get going with stimms. Meds side affects may also vary. For me mood swings preferably  Did they effect my work? - Should say Yes. Hope things will pass smooth for you. Take care x
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