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When he's infertile Lock Rss

It's hard enough when you discover you might have trouble conceiving. But what do you do when it's him, not you? Sarah looks at the issue of male infertility

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My husband and I tried conceiving naturally for nearly 2 years with no success so off we went to the dr who suggested that as a d&c would be the most likely course of action for any problem I might have, that hubby get tested first. This made perfect sense to both of us so off we went with our little cup for his, ahem, deposit. When he went back for the results a week later I had a phone call at work, "honey can you come home, I have no sperm". It was devastating. A follow up test a week later confirmed azoospermia, a complete lack of sperm. The hardest thing I think was that we were both in our early 20's, to us, this stuff only happened to "older" couples. We both still wanted a family so we started looking into adoption and donor insemination within weeks of the diagnosis. In the end our gyno referred us to the fertility clinic at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney who matched us with an anonymous donor based on hubby's characteristics. We fell pregnant really quickly and delivered a healthy baby boy who looks just like his Daddy! We are now just days away from welcoming his little brother into the world thanks to the same generous stranger. As hard as those first few weeks were after we found out, it doesn't even cross our minds now. Hubby has even gone do far as giving his medical history as part of our sons peadiatric appointments and I have to remind him that it's not relevant!
My husband and I were actively TTC two years ago and when nothing happened I dutifully went to the doctor and had all the blood tests, which came back fine. When nothing still happened I mentioned the idea of husband getting tested, then left it alone. He finally went to get tested earlier this year, the result being that he has low motility. The doctor said it shouldn't be a problem, however what gets me is that in all my internet searching I can't find anyone who has gotten pregnant naturally with low motility sperm. I would love to hear from anyone who has gotten pregnant naturally.
We have just been told that we arnt pregnant again thru ivf, im in the bleeding process, is it true that you are most fertile after a misscarriage?
Hello. I am so sad for you. I know it would be extremely painful for you. infertility is so difficult to face. Some lady faces infertility after the first child. My sister attempted to imagine the second time. She neglected to imagine the second. She got so disappointed. She went for treatment however fizzled. An authority recommended her to go for surrogacy. She took the plunge to a clinic in Europe. She searched her surrogate there. The surrogate brought forth a sound child. I am happy to the point that she took a correct choice. I seek this would work after others as well.
That's really doesn't matter about who is infertile. That's something very journal and could be struck by anyone. Whether male or female. The only thing is accepting the partner's circumstances and moving on with it. You never have to stop your journey blaming the one infertile. You should encourage that individual to take the possible steps possible. And lead your way to happiness. Wishing luck to all the partners. Have a great life.
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