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Has anyone got pregnant while on mini pill? Lock Rss

Just weaned my 10 month old from bf but still on mini pill. Since then I have had mild cramps as well as feeling nauscous..similar to what I felt with my other 2 previous pregnancies. My breasts are tender but because its only been 5 days since I weaned its hard to tell with them. Is it possible to get pregant while still on mini pill or do you think its just because my body is a little mixed up after weaning?

Am away on holiday at the mo but might do a test tomorrow and see doctor next week.
i was breastfeeding on mini pill and using spermacide with the diaphragm and feel preg with my then 7-8 month old son so yes it is possible, with the mini pill you really have to take it the same time each day and only have about an hour window either side of your normal time to keep covered. it really is a routine pill and the only way to not get preg is to not bd lol. a perfect example and complete waste of money is-;
my hubby had a vasectomy 4 years ago and i was there to watch them do it, but my youngest and 5th boy is nearly 2 so nothing is 100% safe.
do a test if you are worried and hopefully all will be as you want it to be
best of luck
mini pill is one of the least safe ... i take it too though smile

it says on it... 4 out of 100 women who take it perfectly will get preg.

so if you dont take it perfectly then much more likley... but still a slim chance.

i get a bit of nausia quite often when im on it, it always scares me but i think its just a side effect for me so maybe its that??

take a test smile

Ive been with my patner almost four years now and started taking the pill when we first started dating. I took it all the time, same time every day and am now 6 months pregnant with our first bub! You can still get pregnant on the pill!

T.C xx
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