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Zero Sperm Count Rss

Hi Everyone

I was just wondering if anyone has been through or knows someone who has gone through Azoospermia (no sperm in the semen). After TTC for 7 months I asked DH to have a seminal analysis and came back with a zero sperm count. We have seen a specialist and DH now has to get a testicular biopsy done to see if sperm are being produced. I have a feeling it is just a blockage and they are not coming out.. there is no reason why he should not be producing any!

I would be grateful to hear anyone's stories/advice on this subject.

Thanks in advance.. Please send lots of babydust our way!!!

Sal smile

Hi Sal,

We're is a slightly different situation, DH has a very low sperm count, which keeps getting worst at every check.. less than 200,000 per mil,(normal count is 20million) and less than 60% are formed correctly, and less than 40% can actually swim.. LOL
Talk about a shock when you first find out hey.

There is so much that can be done. When is he having the testicular biopsy? as long as there are some in there, then he can still be the biological father!

We concieved on our 2nd ICSI attempt. There is hope!! Let me know how it goes.



Hi Sal I do know of a couple who went through a similar situation as you and your Husband are going through at the moment.
He had zero sperm, They did a biopsy on his testy's and found that he was producing them but they where all dying before, he ejaculated SORRY FOR TMI. Could be caused by blockage etc....
They went through IVF where they took a live sperm from his testy's and implanted it with his wifes egg etc.... They have a 3yr old DS. I think they are thinking of doing it again in the next year or so.
With medical science these days anything is possible. I think the cost was between $2000-$5000 I really cannot remember. If it is done in NZ it is some where between $8000-$14000. I think you can claim back certain parts of the procedure through medi care.

Hi Ladies

Thank you so much for your replies! DH is booked in for the 26th March to have his biopsy.. not too long to wait which is good! We should have the results 3 to 4 days after that. It was such a shock finding out.. I wanted him to have the test & thought it would come back fine! At least we found out now and didn't wait until we had been trying for a year or more! I know we can have children if he has sperm.. I dont mind going through IVF.. we just want to have a family! I just keep thinking what if there aren't any? There is no reason he should not be producing them, I guess your mind just assumes the worst! We are both trying to think really positive and I really believe in my heart that things will work out fine. We both really want to have a baby so the sooner we can get on that path the better!

Will keep you updated.

Sal smile

Hi Sal,

We did the same thing. i came off the implanon, waited a few mths, checked to see if i was ovulating, then convinced DH to be checked, if for no other reason than to shut me up LOL was not expecting to hear we couldnt concieve naturally! Huge Shock!! but we also didnt mind IVF, if it brings you your family, i would have flown to the moon.

Where about are you? What clinic are you using?

I hear that even if the testies dont produce sperm like normal, you can still get preg as generally there are still a minute few and as long as they can extract those few, then your good to go. (my dad and his teenage wife are looking into it as he had a vasectomy over 22yrs ago)

The 26th isnt too far off, I guess you shoud have your results by the 1st April. Fingers crossed he's just got a blockage, that way they may even be able to fix it for you. that would have to be the perfect outcome (that and a baby of course)

I'm excited for you. Make sure you post the results!

Sorry, forgot to ask, do you mind me asking how old you are?

[Edited on 10/03/2008]

Hi Kylie

We live in Perth. DH is having the biopsy done at Hollywood Hospital and then I guess we will go to a Fertility Clinic.. I hear that Pivet is a really good one.

I dont mind how we have to go about having a baby.. I would do anything!!

I am sure he is producing them and it is just a blockage. I have been doing lots of reading on the male reproductive system and there are many places there could be a blockage! There is quite a lot of 'tubing'!

Yeah I am thinking the 1st April for the results. The specialist said we can just get them over the phone! We have a few busy weeks ahead so that should make the time fly!

I will post the results for sure!! I am 27.. how old are you? smile

Sal smile

Hi Sal, I'm from Perth too. Hollywood has there own fertility clinic as well, thats who we went through. everyone was very nice, and they have a good success rate, i've also heard good things about pivit. I guess it may come down to where you live.

I am also 27. We had been trying for 4yrs when i fell using the IVF at hollywood (on my 27th birthday! best present ever)
The first time we went through it 2yrs previously i was the youngest one there by a mile and i felt like a phoney, like i was too young to be there, but I wasnt, it was just weird.

Our baby girl turns 1 on June 2nd and I turn 28 in sept. I think we will be going back to start all over again in sept. see what we can do about a sibiling. I'm dreding DH test results though, but at the same time i know they can always extract them direct from his testies.

Getting the results over the phone huh, i hope your not at work when they tell you, either way it would make working for the rest of the day very difficult!


Hi Kylie

Thanks for the info about Hollywood Hospital. We might consider going there!

We are the same age! I turn 28 in July!

At least you know that your DH is producing sperm and they can get them out if they need to (not so good for him though!). My DH is not looking forward to his biopsy.. I cant even imagine the pain he will be in. Then again he doesn't have to give birth! So I think it's fair!!!!

We actually got the results over the phone when we were told he had a zero sperm count and we were at work! It was horrible. Luckily it was late in the afternoon and we went home pretty much soon after. These results should be good though! Have you ever heard of someone not producing sperm at all? I guess it does happen. DH's hormone levels have all come back fine.. if they weren't being produced these would have been out of whack.

Cant wait till the 26th!!!

Sal smile


As yet i have to hear of someone who has no sperm. Odds are on his side!

I tease DH about a needle in his testies too LOL
I also remind him of the needles in my ovaries and the internal ultrasounds and the blood tests and the giving myself needles and then there is everything that you do whilst preg not to mention the actual labour.. Funnily enough he gets the hint and will go ahead with the needle in testies if necessary.
Men are such big chickens!!

At the moment i'm actually travelling aust in a caravan with my new family, tomorrow morning we move on so no more internet for an undetermined time... I'll msg you my email address so you can still let me know how things are going and let me know the results if i'm not on here. sometimes i'm able to get online in a cafe somewhere and quickly check email. I'll make sure i do around the beginning of april.

Saying that, i'll be here tonight and for a quick check again in the morning before we go.

Have you bought any baby stuff yet or will you wait until you start an ivf cycle or are preg or will you wait until bubs actually arrives??


Hi Kylie

Thanks for your email address. I will definately let you know the results!

Travelling Australia.. that sounds awesome! Hope you have the best time ever!

My DH says not to buy any baby stuff until we are pregnant. Which is probably good cos I would have bought heaps by now! As soon as we are pregnant and into the second trimester I am going to buy HEAPS of stuff. I go overboard buying for friends who have had children, so I cant imagine how much I am going to buy for my own child!!

I cant wait to be pregnant and have a baby. Everywhere I look I see pregnant woman or couples with babies!! This should be us soon. Am really looking forward to the journey!

Take Care
Sal smile

Hi Sal,

Good Luck to you and your DH for today!! I hope the test is painless for him and that you get wonderful results!



(we're at this caravan park for 2 days and it has wireless, yah!)

Hi ladies
How did you bring ask DH to get tested? We've only been TTC for a couple of months, but I'd rather know now if DH has no swimmers.
How did your DH react to you asking him to be tested?
I've briefly mentioned it before and all I got was "we'll be right"!!!!!

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