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Elect - out of pure deep fear Lock Rss

Afternoon ladies. This is my first forum reply ever and I'm currently experiencing my first pregnancy.

Ever since I was little, I have thought about, and feared giving birth.

It is one of the main reasons I had a termination 2yrs ago... But the situation at the time also did not help the situation.

I am currently 5 weeks pregnant to the man that I love, and I know that I have support from all angles in my life...

...however ever I am deathly scared of physical pain.

I am 29yrs old, yet I have never broken anything, sprained/twisted anything, never had stitches... The worst bruises I have ever had were those on my forearms last year from Taekwondo training.

I really, really do not care if you think I'm soft, a wimp etc. I have nearly knocked nurses out on several occasions simply from attempting to do a blood test.

... I do not want to pass on that kind of stress to my child as it gets closer to the date.

I will do, everything in my power to ensure that I can elect for a cesarean birth via general anaesthetic. Money is also no option. Currently I am looking at the Gold Coast Private - though I have yet to go shopping for an OB.

please - are there any other ladies out there who have been/are in the same boat as I am?

I cant help you with the fear of birth i mean it scared me but not to the extent of you, but have you considered the after pain of a c section? You wouldnt be very mobile for awhile and would maybe be more pain the natural? Give yourself a little more credit we are stronger then we think! I too haven't broken bones, i fear the thought of ever getting a tooth filling the needles just make me cringe but labour to me really wasnt as bad as i made it in my head (my husband says i thought differently at the time tongue) i wish you well in however you decide to bring you bundle of joy into the world!
Have you ever had counselling? I'd highly recommend it.
Thanks Tonimarie ????
I have done some research, yes I can see a lot of painful recovery when it comes to a C, but at least I'd be content knowing that my baby has made it into the world.
As hokey as this may sound - that alone would give me the strength to get through the recovery process.

And no Jane I haven't actually thought about counselling, but I imagine my doctor will more than likely refer me when I go in for my first appt in a few weeks.
Hi there,
I had to have an emergency c-section with my first. I'm currently pregnant with my second. At a recent on appt I asked what I needed to do to have an elective c-section and my ob said "just say you want one". If you're going private it should be pretty simple. Explain your feelings and anxieties so you ob is aware and you should be fine.
Good luck!
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