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Traumatic birth and deciding a elective c section Lock Rss

I have a little toddler she's just over 2 years old and am due with my second another little girl in 8 weeks, we are very excited, my birth with my first was very traumatic 37 weeks I was induced over 3 and half days tape,ballon, rupture of the membranes, drip the works, due to severe preeclampsia, she then got stuck on my apparently very high pubic bone which they they gave me a episiotomy and eventually she came out, the cord was so short I couldn't hold my little girl, they then tried to help birth the placenta which resulted in needing to be manually removed which could only be done in the birthing suite due to being moved i would of bled out so I had no epidural I just had the gas I then literally had it ripped out whole arm to the elbow it flew out in pieces I also had just been stitched and I then went cold and then they rushed me to theatre I was put under a ga woke up and was told I had a 2500ml> bleed and needed to be monitored incase it hasn't stopped I had a full blood transfusion and got re stitched and still hadn't held my baby yet until hours later when a midwife came in with her as she was in special care for monitoring. I am normally the type of person to hold it together all the time even after all of that but now my due date is coming up fast I am so stressed about a natural birth for a lot other reasons my pregnancy is so closely monitored this time being in a new hospital and state, I've vomited constantly from 6/20 weeks and still get sick easily, I've got a big baby this time 97th percentile and carrying lots of extra fluid, having very bad pelvic instability, I am wanting a elective c section I can not mentally prepare my self for a natural birth especially since it will be monitored closely, I have searched into the risks of both and feel the c section would be the most controlled way to deliver, I am aware it's a lot longer then to recover but I also took 6 months to recover from my natural birth, In no way is a c section a easy way out but as soon as I tell my self to try and push for a c section my the feeling in my gut goes away but am worried they will not listen and insist I have a natural birth, basically due to trauma and my issues would I need much of a fight to have a c section in the public system?
Hi. Not sure what they'd say but I'd definitely try talking to your midwife or doctor about what sort of birth you want. I also had a very trumatic birth of my first child and am trying for #2. I spoke to a obstetrician before TTC to confirm I could have a caesarean. Definitely gave me a lot of peace of mind knowing that I could have a more controlled birth this time as I couldn't even think about getting pregnant until I knew I wouldn't have to go through another natural birth.

Definitely speak to them about your past experiences and your current fears as it helped me a lot (even though they said I could have a caesarean they did put some perspective into my past experiences and the likelihood of it happening again which also helped).

Good luck.
I too had a bad birthing experience which resulted in an emergency c-section. Bub was stuck in my pelvis after being induced almost 2 weeks late. He was a big boy too, 10 pound 2 ounces. I'm also pregnant with bub no.2 and have elected for a c-section. But, I am going private so they have to respect my choice. I don't know what they would be like in the public system. If you really want a c-section let the hospital know now. They will need to do it early to prevent labor usually at 38wks.
It can take some time to heal but if you keep the area clean and supported it will heal faster. Stitches come out after about a week, the rest is internal healing taking up to 6 months. Although a few weeks ago bub rolled over inside me and elbowed my scar really hard and it hurt a lot. If you wanna chat about it i'm always nearby. Good luck with it all.
I have had 2 birthing experiences, one ok, one terrible. I asked my ob (I was public) if I could have an elective c section and he basically told me unless you've had one before, or it's an emergency or you have real medical reasons why you can't have a vaginal birth, they pretty much want you try deliver naturally.
They thought I had a 10 pounder (in the end he was only 8pound 7ounce) and I also explained I had troubles in my first delivery and still wanted me to have a vaginal birth which I did, the second birth ended up a lot worse than the first and more complications, he was also stuck after being induced, my pushing stage lasted 4 hours ( after in labour for about 10 hours beforehand) then they thought they should intervene and do a vacuum extraction which failed 3 times before they got a good hold of him, my mum said the doctor had both hands (up to her elbows) in me, trying to pull the "lip" of my uterus down so the baby could pass through. It was horrific. She said I was like a cow in the farm giving birth!!!!! With a farmer doing the delivery! Not my most attractive moment lol
Then when bub was forced out by the doctor eventually he had blood (his own) all over his head and severe bruising and deep cuts in his fore head from the vacuum extraction, and he had the cord wrapped around his neck (luckily no damage they just pulled it strait off) and he had a massive cone head, from being trapped in the birth canal all those hours. To say the least, I would've liked that c section in the end. But they wouldn't let me. If I have another baby, I might get private insurance, so I can choose to have one.
In the public systems, I'm not liking your chances unless there's a real medical reason.

Be careful going private though. Its SO expensive, even with health cover. Mine is 3200 and that's just for the OB and room. The hospital provides a bunch of stuff for bub and the facilities are better but with some health cover companies you have to be a member for a certain amount of time usually about 12 months before you even consider getting pregnant or they wont cover anything. Going private is a long term thing that you have to plan ahead for. If you're going to have another child see them soon.
I had my first by emergency c section in public @ westmead. This time round I've elected to go with another c section, public at rpa... I'd definitely talk to the midwives. Given you had a significant bleed and it wasn't just traumatic for you emotionally but physically they may allow it. Fingers crossed for you. The trauma Of my first birth is the reason why I wouldn't consider going natural this time.
Doubled up. Sorry.

I am interested in an elective c-section also. After my eldest girls were born (by accidental induction) I had to be induced at 40+6 with my youngest. Labour progressed well but the bloody midwife kept refusing to give me an epidural, which was the one pain relief I had asked for. But I had to keep trying the gas and pethadine. Which didn't work. Anyway, baby came hard and fast. My entire labour, including induction was under 5 hours and I transitioned within about 10 minutes. It scared the hell out of me. I was so high from the gas that it took me a good few minutes to be able to look at her. I couldn't move my body. We had requested delayed cord clamping. This may have not helped at all. My placenta didn't want to come out. We pushed, pulled, hands up in there and all the while I was bleeding quite heavily. The decision was made to rush me to theatre for manual removal. I ended up under general to remove my (now apparent) bilobal placenta with slight accretia. No wonder it didn't come out. I also lost 3.5L of blood and had several transfusions and a stay in HDU overnight. I didn't get to hold my baby (apart from the first half hour) until she was 9 hours old. It took me a long time to recover and I still don't think I am there mentally. I am very much considering an elective c-section because of this. Or demanding that I have an epidural the moment I walk in the hospital. I do not want a repeat of that experience. It scared the shit out of me.

How did you go?

It took a lot of asking and stuffing around but i got to have an elective c section what went in my favour was that my little girl was a very big Bub 10 pound 6, only advice is make sure you seek help from a maternal social worker she will help be there to discuss your reasons why and help with anxiety, also if it's something you really want you will have to fight for it and don't let down your guard I told them I wasn't having an attempted natural birth due to history and my complicated pregnancy along with baby measuring big. I am now post 6 weeks l.. All the best l tho fingers crossed for you
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