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  5. 3rd caesarean upcoming only 18mths after my 2nd

3rd caesarean upcoming only 18mths after my 2nd Rss

my 2nd daughter is only 11mths old and i have just found out i am preg again and will be having another c/s. is it too soon? would like to try naturally.
Congratulations smile

My ob wouldn't let me try a natural birth the 3rd time around after already having 2 c-sections, unless l was 6 weeks early and therefore a smaller bub! Something you might need to discuss with your prenatal team as l was informed there would be major risks involved.

I am in the same boat. I am in my 3rd pregnancy and have had 2 c-sections prior due to first being breech and 2nd being only 11 months after. This one will be 18 months from my youngest and I have been told there are high risks trying vba2c but not cos of how close it is just because I have had 2. I have expressed my want to have a natural and they have just told me all the risks involved which I need to look alot further into to way up my options but have been told that I may be able to trial labor. My fingers are crossed that I can. You will just have to discuss your options with your pre-natal visits.
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