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Booked in for the 20th Nov Lock Rss

Naaw if your bub is born on the 20th of november our bubs will share a birthday smile.

All the best with the end of your pregnancy,its not much fun at this point and soon you will have your tiny little bubba smile.

Glad to hear its all semi organized hun smile eek not long to go now and u'll have ur baby in ur arms!! Xx I was private with DS and stayed 5 days cos he was my first n had issues for first few days... And with DD I was public n being second time around they let me out by lunch time of day 3 after only 2 nights cos she was feeding well n I heal amazingly fast grin hoping it's ASAP again the third time around for me! Xx

I hope all goes well for you.

My 1st section (emergency) i stayed in for 5 days.
My 2nd section (elective) was 4 days.
My 3rd section last week (emergency) i stayed in for 3 days!
I wish i had've stayed longer because i am really paying for it now. I am 37 yrs old, the fittest i have been in 20 years, but didn't bounce back quickly after this one.
I know we all want to get home to our partners & other children etc after a birth, but trust me, stay as long as you can. Especially if you have other children at home.

Good Luck.

Oh How exciting Hun. I hope everything goes well for these last few weeks.
I've had planned c/section births for all three pregnancies. My first with dd I stayed for over a week due to dd having trouble feeding and getting bad jaundice She was 2.2kg. My next c/section with the twins I stayed for about 5 days I think I wanted to go earlier but they had trouble feeding due to their size only 1.9kg and 2.1kg and my last c/section with ds I stayed 3 days I wanted to go home earlier but they wanted me to stay not sure why as ds was feeding like a champ, He was 2.6kg.
I hope all your visitors respect your privacy and give you time to recover before visiting.

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

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