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Looks like number 2 will have to be a cesarean Lock Rss

I agree with melmul as long as you and bubs are healthy thats all that matters. I've had 4 vaginal births but the last one perhaps shouldnt have been (not because of his size but other complications). If he was my first he wouldve been an only child lol. Dont they usually book C-sections in a few weeks early before the due date so you dont go into labour?? Good luck with it all hope it works out for you smile
I was really dissapointed that i didn't get to give birth naturally, i felt robbed. Second time around i didn't want to put myself through the pain and baby through any distress,all to have to have another unplanned emerency c-section. Second time around you know what to expect and can just be excited that you know you will be meeting your new bundle of joywithout too many dramas.Both of my babies had jaundice, second only stayed in hospital for 37 hours .
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