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Having natural birth after c section. Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
I am debating whether to try for natural birth rather than c section this time round with my second child. My last pregnancy I had c section after coming home from hospital was then put back in for a week with a infection from having the c section.. worst expierence. I am wanting to try for natural this time as I am worried with whether I will have the same outcome as last. Just wanting to know if there is any ladies out there that have had natural after c section? As much as I want natural I dont want anything bad to happen to the baby.
I've had 2 natural births after having an em c-section with my first.

It was a fantastic feeling having a vbac, I got that huge sense of achievement that I felt I'd missed out on after having my first.

Fingers crossed you are able to achieve your vbac. smile How far along are you?
I havent but my story:when I was pregnant with no 2( 1st was an emergency c section). the ob(different to 1st one) asked me did I want a vbac or another section.
My reply was " you have delivered more babies than me so I will do whatever you think is best".We decided to wait and see how the pregnancy panned out.I was not really fussed either way, 26 hours of painful posterior labour cured me of that lol. I had placenta previa with no 2 and the ob said in 99 % cases it moves away to enable a vbac.I was the 1% and had to have another section.3rd time, again I was not fussed but this time the ob said that some women can have a successful vaginal delivery after 2 c sections but not you!The wall of the uterus was quite thin and another c section was better for me and the baby.Anyway,I know a lot of people who have had vbacs and everyone is different and the reason for the original c section is also different.I had a a good recover from all my c sections so probably not the best person to give advice.Best of luck

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

thank you for all the replys =) I will be 22weeks on sat due in march.. my daughter will also be turning 2 on jan 1st. I want to have natural to be able to get up and move without a struggle. Its good to hear other people expierences as I dont know anyone that has had a c section. trying to keep and open mind about it all. think ill just keep researching and just play it by how things go. Had my hospital appointment the other day but got given information factsheets that just made me more concerned. would love to be able to talk to a doc with abit more expierence about them Im sure ill get that chance at my next appointment I hope.
I had a VBAC 5 weeks ago tomorrow. It was so much better than a c section you can get up and walk around after you have the baby and they put the baby straight up on your chest so you can bond. It was a much nicer experience this time around.

Nai&Beau wrote:
Thanks Keeki! It's going heaps fast now I can't believe its almost here. I kinda what time to slow down now. How are you going with ttc hun? I'm always thinking of you and hoping you get a bfp soon. Maybe pm me so I'm not overtaking this thread lol xx

I hope you get your VBAC Nai! What was the reason for your c section the first time?

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