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Unplanned/ emergency...??? Lock Rss

Gotta love "no kid" experts roll eyes

Can't say I've heard that term though - I was told 3rd time round if I went into labour my c-section would be an "emergency". Arrive at hospital and straight into theatre, If I came in on the date the hospital chose it was an "elective" (although I didn't exactly have a choice). There really isn't any other options between the two huh

never heard of it either.
If they do a c-section that's not planned, it's a emergency. They don't do them just because they can...
Don't you just love people who haven't been there and done that BUT still know all about it.
Lol I was told by all my OBs past n present that going into labour before a csection date meant an emergency one was done. That's what happened when DS was born early! He was born earlier on the booked date cos I went into labour again 10hrs before that they couldn't stop!! It wasn't til he was born they realized he'd gotten so distressed...
N DD was proper elective who didn't budge lol x

Well at work we call it an elective if you have a date booked and you go ahead and have a c section done on that date. It's an emergency if it is done otherwise. We call it a "cat 1 c section" if it is a true emergency, as in life or death situation

I think your friend is just being picky. Who cares what it's called, it is what it is.

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What an idiot. You have just got to love it when others try to downgrade your experiences for you!

I'm with everyone else. I had an elective c-section booked in but went into labour earlier than my planned date. Rocked on up at the hospital and they told me I'd need to have an emergency c-section. It was then upgraded to Category 1 later when bub was in distress.

What a tool.

I have a 'friend' who loves to tel me that her birth was far worse than mine - coz you know, 37 hours laying there pain free hooked up to an epidural and a case of hemrroids is so much worse than a episiotomy and a 4th degree tear that requires 1.5 hours to stitch up in theatre smile

Haters hey, can't live with them, can't seem to unfriend them smile

No I have never heard of it either. Only elective or emergency.
My 3rd c-section was booked in advance but since I went into labour before it my c-section was considered an "emergency". I wouldn't say it was a real emergency situation, but that is how the docs classify it.
well I would love to know her expert opinions on my c-sections - lol smile

#1 true emergency distressed bub and mum, long labour, lots of complications

#2 was booked as an elective, waters broke early and then nothing..... the hospital classified me as an emergency as my waters had broken yet I kept on being bumped down the list as more genuine emergencies arose.

#3 elective (but not really as i had placenta previa so VBAC wasnt an option I could consider)

anyway, I know you have now moved on, just wanted to add my 2 cents worth wink

as for the friendship factor - i had one very draining friendshp that I have moved on from and initially felt guilty but I am now overall so much happer:)

Hoping you have refound your zen smile

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Unplanned c section (aka emergency c) . Already been there. Having a birth plan is great but nothing is planned when it comes to a birth of a child. As long as your baby comes out safe and healthy thats the number one thing. Best birth plan always be open minded, respect everyones opinions but do what is best for yourself, the baby and medically. I only know what I know having 5 kids.
I ended up having an 'unplanned C Section' but it was noted on my medical notes as an emergency C Section.

I think sometimes the word 'emergency' is avoided so that it doesn't stress the mums out (more). I didn't realise that my situation was an 'emergency' and I am glad that nothing was said because the whole thing happened freaky-fast.

My wee boy was 9lb 1oz and the language the midwife and doctors used when I was hurried away to theatre helped to keep me relatively calm.

And as for the advice from babyless friends - that whole discussion made me laugh. The divide is growing as we speak because, now that I am a mama, EVERYTHING is different.

Thanks ladies. I am new to this forum. smile

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