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2 naturals 2 c sections 1 pregnancy Lock Rss

hi all, i am a mother of 4 first 2 were natural no complications or drugs very long labours 3rd was an emergency c-section because they say she was practically dying inside but now a healthy 3.5 year old. my 4th was an elected c-section because i was so scared of something happening i was beside my self..a big mistake it took so long to recover and i was so discusted in myself for letting myself go through with it after.
i would love to have another baby before finaly saying thats enough but wondering weather i will be allowed to have a natural again ?
Depends on your hospital, your ob/doctor and how your scars have healed and health factors along the way with the pregnancy.

I was all for trying after 2 c-sects (first was my choice, 2nd was solely by OB's choice) but the hospital says no, even if I go into labour I'm straight into theatre they will not even trial it (and I've asked many different midwives and ob's and my gp and all say no).

I think it comes down to finding someone who will support your decision for a vba2c. I know a few ladies who went the homebirth route because the hospital/doctors wouldn't support otherwise. Just remember you can't be induced, you have to go into labour naturally.

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