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Unnecessary C-Section Lock Rss

4 months ago my bub was born via emergency c-section. I was grateful for a healthy bub but upset my one golden rule - no c-section had been broken.

Today I went to visit the hospital to find out more about why, I was quite happy to move on if I was told the baby had been in distress etc however I have now had the head doctor look at my notes and advise that I did not need a c-section and he apologised that the hospital had let me down and that the staff having been induced classed me as being there too long when I had actually only been in 'real' labour a normal number of hours. sad

Again I am not ungrateful at having a healthy baby but just as I was ready to move on from the incident I now feel even worst knowing I was a victim of the trend of 'Unnecessary C-Sections' has this happened to anyone else?

** Please I am looking for support only, I have received many comments from other forums, posts etc. telling me I'm being ungrateful**
i am so sorry. sad
You could try contacting these people for support.
I hope you find the support you need to work through this.
GBHs to you Hun! That's so terrible
I understand what you mean by being extremely happy with a healthy happy bub, but it still is very upsetting that you didn't get to have the experience you wanted and it was for no real reason sad

Have you got support around you?
im sorry you have had this happen to you, and that you have copped slack from others sad

you have every right to feel upset, they performed uneccessary surgery on you to deliver your baby, for some reason people think this is ok because you have a healthy baby from it, but they would be horrified if doctors..say..removed your kidney when it wasnt me its the same thing. its invasive surgery that wasnt needed and they did let you down.

surround yourself with supportive understanding people xxx

and congrats on your bubba and i hope you find some peace and can move on without this effecting you
Thanks all, I think will look into the link provided, thanks smile

Sadly I have no family around and all my friends had happy easy births. Told my husband last night and he is now really upset as he knew how much a natural birth mean't to me sad

I just have to hope I get a real chance next time to have my wish come true.
Wow, that sucks, I'm sorry!
I have had 3 c-sections but all were needed for me. I did feel disappointed after my first, but it faded in time.
However, you will probably be a good candidate for a VBAC for next time and the best thing to do is to do as much research as possible about VBACs and find a hospital/doc that is VBAC friendly. Good luck and congrats on your little one!
Oh honey thats horrible - im so sorry for you and i completely understand your anger and disappointment. Its actually my worst nightmare and the thing i have the most anxiety about giving birth.
Is it ok if i ask you a couple of questions? You dont have to answer them if you dont want smile
Did you have your baby Public or private?
Did you have a birth plan and share it with your MW.

The reason i ask is im having my baby Private and i read some alarming stats that 80% of births in this hospital are CS - compared to 26% for public (this article was a few years old). The difference is Private your treated by OBs and public your treated by MW...

NOW - dont get me wrong - if my OB tells me i need a CS because the baby is in distress then there will be no questions asked, zip me open, get him out... but i just want to be able to trust that they're making the best decision.

Apologies for taking over this post and making it all about me smile

and Im sorry again this has happened to you, and i hope you get the answers and closure you need xxxxxxxxx
Thanks for your advise Nai&Beau smile I actually just learnt about Doolas - i will look into getting one but it depends on how much they are...
Im meeting my OB this week and i have an extensive list of Qs to interrogate her with - she probably wont want me as a patient after wink
There used to be an amazing Birth Centre on the Sunshine Coast but it recently closed down and best OBs moved to that particular private hosp that had 80% CS rate, so im hoping they have taken their great approach to woman's rights during birth to the private hosp... fingers crossed anyway!
Thanks again for your help x
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