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C-Section 9 months ago, having pain. Lock Rss

Hello all!
Thought I'd pop in to pick some brains...
I had my csection 9 months ago, and for the past few months I have been getting excruciating pain whenever I need to (TMI) do number 2's. I get this sharp stabbing pain right across my csection scar area as soon as I need to go. So it's not because I'm holding or constipated or anything. It's a crippling pain...I've only been pushed to post because I was down on the floor playing with my little man and all of a sudden 'BAM' it hits me....I had to run to the loo as soon as it eased slightly, because if I didn't it would come back again within seconds.
If anyone has had this experience, or know what could be causing it I'd love to hear your stories/ideas.

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Yeh that's what I thought too...Hmmm yep I think I'll book an appointment once I know what hubby's work roster is (as my GP is an hour away) I'll be able to make an appointment...with two kiddies in tow, makes for interesting Dr appointments by myself lol!
I used to get the normal healing twinges, but this is beyond belief about as painful as the initial pain after the surgery!!

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