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c section 3 months ago and still hurting Lock Rss

HI, I had an emergency c-section 11 years ago, and you can get what are called adhesions. This causes small twinges to sharp pains in the lower abdomes when you move sometimes from where the scar tissue (often deep inside not on skin) has adhered to something. My mother even still gets the odd twinge, just enough to make you screw up your face then it's gone. My scar itched for a few years, but the pain under your bust I can't understand and you should get it checked out, maybe through a referral to an OBGYN from your gp.
Ashley666 wrote:
hey smile i had an emergency csection at 38 weeks with my daughter who is now 2 and a half- my recovery seemed normal but because my preggy"pouch" hung down over my wound and it was the middle of summer making it almost impossible not to sweat. long story short even tho they told me 8 weeks for it to fully heal properly- bang on 8 weeks i got an infection and it was probally more painful that the pains after csection- i had trouble walking even the pain from infection was that bad- my advice go see a gp as soon as u can- they ended up just giving mine a good clean out but that was unbareable! so just try air it out as much as u can- and see a gp if it starts oozing or smelling or anything out of the ordinary-!
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