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When will they book me in this time? Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone can tell me how close to your due date in a public hospital do they book you for an elective c-section? And approx how long was a maximum stay? Do they discharge on a weekend?

Pregnant with #3 but my last 2 c-sects were done in private, 1st 10 days before EDD but was sort of an emergency induction (I chose c-sect over natural for personal reasons) and 2nd was 8 days before EDD due to 10 days falling on a saturday, each stay was 6 days long.

Going public this time and the hospital is being very scarce with any antenatal/postnatal details and I don't have another appointment with the the OB at the hospital until 36 weeks (12 weeks away) so can't plan a thing. VBA2C was completely dismissed and fill in OB at my last app. said since I've never gone into labour before there is "no chance" of it happening this time (ugh I hate doctors).

Any info would be much appreciated smile

I'm going thru public and got my c-section booked when I was 29 weeks. Have anti natal appoints every 3 weeks since 22 weeks. This is my 4th preg and section. Will be having baby 11 days before EDD

Hi Kazza02, I am also going public and was booked in for my c/section at 36 weeks. At my hospital you stay for three nights after the operation and then all being well you can go home- whatever day of the week it ends up being. Since 30 weeks my ante-natal appointments have been every two weeks to see the midwives and the booking in appt. was with the obstetrician. He has booked my c/s for 10 days before my due date- so late in my 38th week- as i went at that time with my son and he doesnt want me to have to have an emergency c/s. Hopefully bubs waits til then!! Good luck x
I've had 2 & this will be my 3rd. All in public hospital.
#1 was emergency at 35 weeks due to multiple hemmoraging throughout pregnancy. I stayed in for 5 days.

#2 was booked in from about 16 weeks due to previous damage by first bubs. I wasn't allowed to go past 37 weeks to make sure bubs didn't get engaged, (but she did & got stuck etc...) I chose to go home 4 days later.

#3 will be done at 36 weeks this time because ob/gyn realised last time 37 weeks was too late lol...

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