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4th c-section, is it booked for 39 weeks or 38 weeks? (NZ) Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I am (about 3 months) pregnant with my 4th baby and this will also be my fourth c-section. I will have the baby at Waikato hospital in Hamilton and I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on when the docs usually book you in to have your 4th c-section. I know there is more risk of uterine rupture etc.. and since I always have good sized babies I'm wondering if I will be able to book in for 38 weeks as opposed to the normal 39 weeks. I also have quite a lot of scarring and on my last operation report it stated that I would need a consultant present during my next c-section. My last pregnancy I was booked in to have baby at 39 weeks but my water broke at 38 weeks and although we never know for sure, I'm thinking this one will want to come slightly earlier too!

Any info is appreciated, thanks! smile
I wanted to bump it up again for you as I am curious about the reply.
Hope the birth goes well for you grin
Thank you smile
I am guessing since its your fourth and you had past uterine rupture issues, that it would be closer to 38 weeks, I mean due to pre eclampsia mine was done at 37 but they do not like it, the OB and doctors, midwives etc as at 38 weeks they are officially full term but if you can wait until 39 its even better mainly for bubs but for your body and your post natal health it might be wise to ask about 38 weeks

all the best xoxo

Heya, thanks for the reply. I haven't had past uterine rupture problems but I know that after your 3rd c-section the risk increases a bit. It looks like I won't know anything until I can talk to the OB who will book me in and that won't be until after 28 weeks!
I'm on my 3rd C-Section and my OB gave me dates to choose from at 12 weeks. These were up to two weeks early. I choose 39wks, the longer he/she stays in the better for them right(?) but was given the option at 38 weeks. In the end, I think the date will be decided by your OB within the last 4 weeks depending on size, complications and likelihood of you going into labour prior to your booked in c-section date.

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