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Intra Abdominal Infection after C- Section Lock Rss


After my emergency c-section about 10 days later I ended up with an intra abdominal infection and sepsis and had to have a relaparotomy to remove the infections after the antibiotics didn't do the trick. It's now 8 weeks after the second surgery and I still get quite sore in my upper abdomen. It's also an unusual shape and hard above my tummy button.

Has anyone else had a similar experience to this? And how did your recovery go?
sounds like an abdominal seperation.
my tummy does the same, get a referral to a physio, or Im happy to message you with the exercises I did

How big was your laparotomy cut? Is the hard bit underneath the scar? Have you had your follow up appointment? You should really go and see your GP - as it could be anything from just scar tissue to a collection or a hernia.
It's probably best if you don't do any abdominal exercises until you get it checked out.
Excuse the late response! They just reopened my c section incision for the laparotomy. The hard bit was above my belly button, it's not so bad now but I have an appointment at the outpatient clinic at the end of this month. I never had any follow up after leaving hospital (was there for a week after the surgery) but when I went to the GP about it they had no idea and said it could be any number of things as you suggested Cruxy. That specific pain has gone now but am looking forward to being able to discuss it with the outpatient clinic who may have more of an idea.

Thanks for your advice smile
Turns out it is a para umbilical hernia, so now am on the waiting list for Hernia repair surgery, hopefully after this my stomach will start to finally look a little more normal!
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