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Elective C-Section in NZ do these exist?? Lock Rss

Hi all,

I am not TTC (yet) but have been pretty firmly set on having an elective c-section for YEARS already. My aunts and mother and grandmother have all had bad birth experiences that resulted in emergency c-sections, my best friend had such a traumatic birth that a year on she still sees a therapist cos she gets nightmares and flashbacks. Anyways, I won't defend myself- my body, my choice.

Am in Auckland and asked to meet with a private OBYN at Auckland Obstetric (sp?) Care.


Here's what I learned: It costs $5000. This covers everything - all appointments, scans, the actual delivery and even aftercare where you get home visits each week for a month to see if you/baby are recovering and fine.

It's your choice and you need no medical reason at all. You just need to pay - and you can bet your bottom dollar I have put this money aside already LOL
Hi StaceTron,

I'm in Auckland too and interested in finding out more about getting an elective C-section. I can't seem to be able to send you a personal message - but would be really keen to chat to get some more details on who to speak to in Auckland. Could you please send me a personal message?

Thanks smile
I am a complete advocate for women making informed choices about how and where they give birth.

My research differs from Stace Tron in that it costs a District Health Board almost $10,000 for a caesarian birth, not including LMC services prior to and following the birth.

I appeal to all of you who wish to have an elective caesarian to pay for it. Otherwise your non medical surgery is taking away resources from babies, children and adults in the public health system with serious illness or injury who need it.

Your choice affects others. Thanks for considering this.
I said it'd cost ME $5000 - I have no idea what it costs the DHB.

I spoke to an OBYN at AOC and they told me that I can absolutely choose how to give birth provided I pay. If there IS a legit medical reason - you don't pay.

Here are their details - I encourage you to phone them yourself or go in to see them and find out.
They told me it's $5000 from conception to post-delivery. It's all included. A very good family friend of ours went through them two years ago and she requested a c-section from the get-go and paid them for specialist and private care from start to finish.

In New Zealand, it is my understanding that you CANNOT have an planned c-section without a real medical reason without having to pay for it yourself - so pay I will. This also makes the other posters comment kinda invalid. And people die in childbirth, as do many babies so I don't think it should be taken as lightly as it is.

Phone: 09 367 1200
Auckland Obstretic Centre
Ground Floor,
Birthcare Building,
20 Titoki Street,

Thanks smile
There are links to Caesarean sections and non communicable diseases. While the caesarean operation has been fine tuned for safety, there are impacts on your babies health additional to the well known risk of ongoing respiratory/ breathing problems.

The latest scientific research is starting to link the way babies are born with health in later life, particularly the increased risk of children developing certain immune-related conditions, including asthma, type 1 diabetes, celiac (coeliac) disease, obesity, cardio-vascular diseases, mental health disorders and even some cancers.

Given that we have such world high rates of asthma, Crohn's, obesity and mental health disorders in New Zealand this is not something to be taken lightly.

There are some ways your can support your child's immune system when you bypass the healthy vaginal bacteria by having a Caesarean section. Immediate skin to skin and extended breastfeeding (6 months or more) are among the ways you can support your babies health.
RIDICULOUS. Explain to me how my own mother, grandmother and aunt have all had C-sections and very healthy kids to boot. And this was well over 20 years ago... Come on! The technology has improved immensely.

2 of my best friends have had babies in recent years. One elective C-section and 1 naturally.
Elective C friend: 6 weeks on the mend but was up and at it with ease after 2 weeks. Healthy and extremely bright child. Sex life = awesome too. Breast fed with ease and lost weight easily too.

Natural friend: (this is my best friend) Post-partum depression for over a year now. I'm talking panic attacks and night terrors from her horrific birth. She ripped from anus up and took almost 6 MONTHS to totally repair. Their sex life is still in tatters over a year on (he told her that seeing her goods like 'that' made him unable to view her sexually... she's literally a 10 too). She never breast fed and felt an anger toward her mum and midwife and disconnect toward her child cos no one told her it'd be so rough. She had a really long recovery period and has packed on so much weight. Said to me "PLEASE have a C-section", when I asked her. Her little girl is bright but developing slowly (not walking yet and is 14 months) has been sick literally monthly in her short life and is asthmatic.

My mom had all 3 of us by C-section. None of us have asthma, allergies and we are certainly not overweight. Not to mention the fact that we are all (very) high achievers. Same goes for my cousins.

Seriously though, my/our choices do NOT affect you and therefore you should keep your nose out of it if you have nothing positive to say.
THANKS smile laugh

I just found out yesterday that I am expecting and the first thing I did was google 'can I have an elective c section in nz?'. This thread makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER! I really don't want people staring and poking around my bits, I'm not good with pain and I don't want my bits ripped up! Would much rather have a scar on my stomach!
are you going to go private and pay bambi134?
Hi ladies, I'm 31 weeks along and am having an elective c section. I had a hard time with my 2nd born. He was a very large baby and he got stuck. My midwife was very supportive of me and not at any stage did I feel she was trying to convince me otherwise.
She referred me to the hospital specialists and I had to plead me case ( was a bloody awful experience).
In the end he eventually agreed, due to the anxiety about giving birth.
From what I can gather, if you want a publicly funded c section there has to be a medical reason. I didn't enquire about going privately. The cost might have scared me off, but I think I would have scrapped up the money somehow.

I have tried to read all the previous posts but just wanted to reconfirm.
I am wanting to have a baby and wanted to know if middlemore or any other hospital in auckland will alow me to have a c section. I refuse to even try to conceive unless i have a 100% yes that I can have an c section im happy to pay the price for it but horrified of vaginal birth.

Is there someone I can contact or how do I go about this ?
Hi jasmeen,

I'm considering an elective CS as it is an option in private obstetrics care, total cost for care is $5300 inc surgery, check ups, standard tests etc

You can't get an elective free CS through the govt unless you have a genuine medical procedure and get recommended for an obstetrician by your midwife (generally speaking) unless in extraordinary circumstances (ie. Extreme fear where there's fears for your mental state and what not)
I will be having my first child on 4 January and I am epileptic. My midwife is very pro natural birth and whenever I have mentioned the words an elective C section she always tries to REALLY put me off and said it's not necessary however I am under the care of two obstetricians because I am epileptic and one of them is very pro-natural birth and the other one said it's entirely up to me it's my body and he gave me the pros and cons of natural and elective C section.

I've been doing lots of research on natural birth and C section and I am leaning towards an elective C section simply because I don't want to put my body through the stress and strain of a natural birth which sometimes can last 40 hours (if not more) and end up having a seizure because I'm exhausted and stressed out. The obstetrician who is pro natural birth and the midwife keep pressuring me to go for a natural birth and they said if it gets to the stage where I am exhausted and stressed out they can consider whipping me in for an emergency C section there and then but I said I'd rather it not get to that stage and have the panic of being rushed into the operating room feeling exhausted and stressed out whereas if it was an elective C section I would have a date organised and it will be a calmer process.

The midwife said it can take SIX MONTHS to recover from a C section which I think she was just scaremongering as my mum had C sections with me and my brother and I have heaps of friends have had C sections and they said yes theres no denying its a big operation and you do have a scar and it's hard to cough and sneeze and bend down etc for the first few weeks but it took them no longer than six weeks to recover NOT six months. I will have my mum over from the UK staying with us for the first 6mths so she said she can be there to help out whilst Im recovering - if I'm struggling to bend down etc.

Ive got friends have had natural births and they've been left with problems since such as bad tears and incontinence and sensitivity problems.

I'm back at the obstetrician in two weeks time and I'm hoping I get to see the obstetrician who was supportive in whatever decision I make. I want to tell them then that i want to book in for an elective C section. However as Im under the hospital and not private apparently you cannot request to see a particular obstetrician its just who you get to see on the day after of your appointment. I feel like the midwife and the pro natural birth obstetrician just want to railroad me into having a natural birth without considering what I want to do and feel comfortable with.
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