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Help with Triplets!!! Lock Rss

Hi, I have a friend who is due to have her triplets on May 5th, she also has a boy who has just turned 2 this month. She doesnt have access to the internet and isnt aware of any help that is out there for parents of multiple births... sad thing is when the father found out she was pregnant with triplets he left her... so she finally got a house with Housing NZ in Auckland but is still going to be on the bones of her bum... i always thought that the major nappy companys helped out but she seems to think that they dont do that anymore....

if anyone out there has any info i can pass on to her i would appreciate it!
What a sad situation for your friend sad how nice of the father, its easy for them ah just up and walk away!! Poor thing.

Anyway my friend has twins, and she found the multiple birth association really helpful for her, she gets alot of support and advice and she meets up for a "multiple" coffee group once a week i think so has a really good support base of parents in the same situation. (her twins are 2 and she is due May as well).

NZ multiple births association 0800 489 467 382
hope this helps.

If anyone knows the things she will be entitled too, it will be them, or they will know who she should get in contact with. Also with Family assistance she will be entitled to more (if shes on benefit it will be adjusted to allow for 3 children) and get her to ring IRD as she will be entitled to the child tax credit as well (pretty sure she will get x3) that helps with buying all the clothing and necessities.

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I'm sorry to hear about this horrible situation.

There is no harm in asking the major nappy companys for support or donations of product. Why don't you get her to write up a letter and drop it to all the local businesses in the area. I'm sure shops and supermarkets would be more than happy to donate items for a good cause.

If you don't ask you don't get - sorry if that's too blunt but that's what I would be doing if i was in her situation. There are still a lot of good people out there it's just a matter of finding them smile

Good luck!

Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile

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