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so excited Lock Rss

Hey ladies, just wanted to come on here and share my excitement! I am preggers with #4 and am finally getting my homebirth this time round. I have wanted them for #s 2 & 3 but circumstances havent allowed it to happen but this time I am able to have a homebirth through a birth centre near me which offers them. I originally thought I would have to hire an independent midwife which would have been fine but to come up with the money for the deposit at the moment wouldnt have been fair to our family so I had said that I would just go to the hospital - and then found out that this place offers homebirths!! yay! so so excited!!
Thats great!!! I am really happy for you that you have found a place that will do this for you. smile

Wishing you all the best for your birth smile
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Wow thats awesome!! I don't think my hospital offers anything like that. Not that I would be eligible for a home birth but the option would be nice smile
That wonderful!! Congratulations on #4, and best wishes for the birth smile
I'm so happy for you!
I'm going for my second thins time around, I am so looking forward to it smile
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