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Placenta Tabs Rss

I've read a few posts here about freezing the placenta into little tabs to be taken to help with anemia, PND etc.

Just wondering how exactly you do it? I'm assuming the placenta needs to get into the fridge/freezer asap. But do you cut it before/after etc.

I will be giving birth in a hospital due to past complications so does anyone know how willing hospitals are to 'store' placentas etc

Thanking you!
To be honest, I am not sure about the hospital policy.... I THINK you have to sign a form etc.

Basically, after the placenta was checked by the midwife, and a print made of it, she took it and cut some off and cut it up into little tab sized pieces, these were frozen seperately to the rest of the placenta.

So I guess it does need to get in relatively quickly, but not immediately yk?

I actually went to a first birthday today where the placenta (the rest of it) was planted in a ceremony, in a pot with a tree. It was beautiful. They had everyone write a wish for the birthday boy on a piece of paper and buried it in the pot, and as the tree fruits, the wishes will come to fruition. It was beautiful.

I would call the hospital and ask, or have you booked in yet, maybe you could ask then.

A girl I used to work with had her bub in a public hospital, she mentioned taking the placenta home to freeze to plant under a tree, they said it was fine as they only get rid of them anyway, just to make they let the midwives no, they would arrange it for her once bubs was born.
Ugh!!!! Kind of makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. But I guess it is YOUR organ, so if you want to keep it and eat it, just let them know when you arrive.
I had my baby in a public hospital and I just told them I wanted to keep the placenta. I had heard about eating it but due to my being induced I never did. I actually planted it under a lemon tree at my daughters naming ceremony.

On a seperate note - I would presume that a mother who is considering eating her placenta instead of taking PND drugs probably would not want to use drugs for labour anyway but one thing to keep in mind is that if you do have any drugs during labour they may pass through to the placenta... having said that I would also suppose any mother who knows her baby was fed drugs through the placenta wouldn't be worried if she ate them herself if she was planning to eat the placenta.

(I hope that makes sence - it is getting very late and I need to go to bed!)

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