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If only... Lock Rss

"if i hadn't mc/d i would be 14 weeks and everyone would be able to know by now"
does anyone else get these feelings? i'm now 5 weeks preg but still can't help thinking about our little one we lost and if i can enjoy this one.
it's always in the back of my mind


Congratulations on your pregnancy, at the moment I'm hoping like mad that we conceive again and I can have another baby. I lost my 2nd daughter at 21 weeks and must admit today I went back to the Xmas Babies post and read through where all the other mums to be are at... I'd be 29 weeks now and my girl was due on Xmas Day.

I'm trying not to think about it and move on because its not going to do me any good but I cant help it and I cant stop thinking about getting pregnant again and wondering if I will. It took 18 months to conceive our first DD and second time around it happened straight away and then I went into early labour and lost her. If I do get lucky and fall pregnant again I'm sure I'll be wondering the same thing, it will be hard not to worry but when it all goes well its so worth it so we are going to give it a shot.

Hey the "if onlys".... A subsequent pregnancy is always hard to get through. The worry, the what ifs. You will never be at ease until you hold your little bundle in your arms.

I lost one of my twins at 33 weeks and carrying my "Rainbow baby" I recalled every step of the way and once I got to that dreaded 33 weeks mark it eased somewhat but not until that bubby was in my arms.

We will all go through this its a normal reaction.

Take care of yourself and good luck with this pregnancy I do hope it goes well for you.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

I am in the same boat. I would've been 26 weeks today. Instead I'm not pregnant at all (unless I get 2 pink lines in the next couple of days). I try not to think about it too much, but its like an subconcious thing that every Thursday I think "I would've been .....". I am also having problems seeing pregnant women at the moment. I see these beautiful "bellies" walking around and I think, oh I would've been like that now. Its just not fair. I can't wait to get pregnant again, but I know deep down I'm not going to really enjoy it until I have a sweet healthy baby in my arms.
Congratulations on your pregnancy, I'll have my fingers crossed that everyones goes smoothly for you.

Everything is crossed for you Trace...


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

you will never feel easy again during a pregnancy im sorry to say, this is my fifth pregnancy and since i lost my first at 10 weeks i have never felt easy again i also lost my third at 12 weeks so that just made it worse.
but i will say this, when you are holding this baby in your arms you will thank your little angel for letting you have this baby. if i had kept the babies i lost i wouldnt have my boys now so i am very greatful that i got to have my boys because now i dont want any other babies.
oh thanks guys, you are all making me cry reading these. thanks for your support. it's nice to have people that care. xx

Hi there,
Its hard to start with not to think of your preecious baby you lost and to be honest for the first few weeks of this pregnancy I would have times I would be in total denial that I was pregnant, I love my baby but I was scared of getting too 'attached' IYKWIM?
I sill think about our lost angel all the time but it is getting easier, I felt bubs move at about 12 weeks and then seeing him/her on the scan has really eased a lot of worry but not really all of it.
I don';t think I will ever feel totally relaxed until I have my baby safe and in my arms.
Good Luck with everything
I wish you all the best
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