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losing a child Lock Rss

im not sure this is the right place to post this but my step-mum/best friend lost her child 19 years ago,
she is a wonderful mother to my younger sisters 5 & 9 years but is sad over the death of ashleigh im not sure of what to say but i was wondering if someone has been though this so i can give her your msn as i care alot about her she is my mum as far as i am concerned i hope at least one person can help me out .

thank you all muchly.
i myself haven't lost a child - but my sister did in 2006. he was 11 1/2 months old and suffocated on his sleep. it has been very hard (especially as i was 3 months pregnant at the time) and if you want, i will b more then happy to talk with ur mum. just pm me if u r interested and i will give u my msn via pm reply.
I don't have any personal experience but my nana lost a baby well over 50 years ago - he was around 20mths. She never dealt with it. Doesn't talk about it and never has- my mum and her siblings didn't even know that they had an older brother until they were in their thirties(found out from other relly) - nana is loving in her own way but is also standoffish - I have never heard her say I love u - pretends like u didn't say it if you say it to her. I think she never dealt with the loss and it has effected her life ever since - mum often wonders how her childhood would have been different if this hadn't happened.

I know this doesn't help u - but it is just food for thought -
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