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bleeding during pregnancy Lock Rss

hi girls

As some of you already know, i am on my 4th pregnancy. 1st 2 were sadly m/c, 3rd resulted in my beautiful baby girl. This pregnancy had been fine til monday when i had some heavy red bleeding (like a period). it stopped after an hour or so, and ultrasound showed baby, sac and placenta were still ok but the bleeding was inside the uterus. things have been fine since and i still have my pregnancy symptoms.

Has anyone else been through something like this? i have friends who had bleeding but it was only light spotting, not the full-on bleed i had. I am trying to stay positive and strong but its hard sometimes.

What did the Drs tell you? Is the bleeding continuing? Some people do bleed through pregnancy and all is well, they deliver a full term baby. This happened to my sister however I lost my 2nd baby at 21 weeks, I started bleeding and was admitted to hospital, on the third day they did an ultrasound, all ok, the next day I got cramping which turned out to be labour. When I was bleeding they monitored my baby's heartbeat every 2 hours plus my blood pressure and temperature and while I wasnt cramping everything was ok - it was when that happened I was in trouble.

Everyone is different so its hard to say, I do hope everything is ok for you.

Best wishes
i bleed with my first DS for a week it was just like a heaviey period.they thought i was having a MC but they did an ultrasound and didnt know why i was bleeding.the bleeding stopped after a week.i went full term and had a heathly stay strong and i hope that everything is alright.
big hugs.
thanks girls for the advice.

Ava's mum...I am so sorry for your loss. I have not had any cramping, the bleeding stopped on Monday and I've only had v light brown spotting since (and even this stopped tonight). So I think this scare is over. My worry is that it could recur with less happy results next time.

I have my 12 week scan in a week. Hopefully they can check out if there is any structural problems or blood clots in there that were hidden during the scan on Monday, and of course make sure bub is still OK.

I was feeling quite pregnant today...nauseaous and saw boobs again, so am hoping that means i'm all clear for now.

Thanks again for the support

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and this morning I started to bleed. To begin with it was only dark brown. I went to the doctor who said that they couldn't tell what was happening but sent me for a blood test to check my HCG levels. When I got home I started bleeding red blood which is like a period but not that heavy that I have to use a pad or anything - the blood is there everytime I go to the toilet. I just want to know if this is normal as I had a miscarriage at the end of May and am very nervous this time round? Also when I had my HCG levels done on the 8th (last Saturday) they were 1952, so what should I expect if everything is normal?
Hi Clerky

Wish I had an answer for you but everyone is different, some women do bleed and carry to term. At this stage I think you'll have to wait and see.

I will keep my fingers crossed that everything is ok for you.

Best wishes

I got my HCG level back today and it was 9173. Does anyone think that is good for someone who is about 6 & 1/2 weeks?

Sorry I have no idea, have never paid attention to what my HCG levels were, could you give your Dr a ring and ask them?
i think if there was a problem the doctor would have called you.

I had a scan yesterday and so far everything is fine. There was a heartbeat and the sonagrapher said there was no excess fluid around the gestational sac. Hold thumbs that nothing bad happens. The bleeding has basically stopped, just a little spotting but at least it is brownish now.

Thanks for your responses.
Hi, Hope everything is still fine for you. I know how you feel. I had lots of bleeding during my pregnancy with twins. There was numerous spotting, fairly heavy flow for a few days and even big yucky clots. It went on for most of pregnancy. Nearly everytime the doctor told me I'd probably miscarriaged and sent me for an ultrasound. And everytime there was always two little heartbeats. I now have 2 beautiful 6 month old babies. Hope everything goes well for you.
Congratulations on the birth of your babies!

I'm not sure if you were directing your thoughts to me or Clerky as we were both sharing our stories on this thread, so thought I'd respond anyway!

I'm doing well. Bleeding stopped at 14 weeks (touchwood stays that way), had 3 weeks of bleeding in total. I am 17 weeks tomorrow, counting down 15 days til my "big scan". Felt bubba kicking yesterday and today so think things are still going strong.

So if anyone else is going thru this at the moment, stay strong smile
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