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need someone to talk to Lock Rss


it's been 6wks now since i had my missed m/c and i have had several problems since then and it has put a huge strain on my marriage and i am not really copeing with things very well and not sure who to turn to i don't have any friends around me just my dh and he is no help any advice or support would be great
im hear if you want to chat.can you talk to your dh or do you think he dosent understand cause its not his body thats going through this.i think men deal with things different to us.
he just doesn't understand why i still get upset i feel like i have to lock myself in a room and let it out i really wanted that bub and my life hasn't been the same since my loss my life is basically been turned upside down and i just feel so alone
my sister lost her little girl at 39 weeks [stillborn]this year on the 3rd of june.her dh just kepted himself busy and worked on his car and didnt come inside for two days he did sister ended up having a fight with him and he said he didnt want to break down in front of her cause he had to be strong for her.but they are there for each other and both cry together.maybe you can find a site that talks about mc and talk to people going through what you are.But my mum always told me cry if you want to dont build it up inside.
[Edited on 11/09/2007]
hi honey

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. i had 2 missed m/c in 2004 and still remember being in shock and v upset for a long time. i didn't talk to anyone about it except dh - not even on these forums - and felt very alone. i have since heard that there are some great support groups that can help you..maybe start with the sids association in your state, am sure they would point you in the right direction. nothing takes away the pain, but talking to others that understand you does help a little.

if you can talk to your hubby, try. its a hard time for you both, and the men never know what to say or do in these situations, and tend to cope v differently to us girls. if you can keep the communication going it will help.

feel free to vent and talk on here...there are lots of mums who know exactly how you feel. if you want to pm me. i'm here.

sending hugs

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