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My DD was stillborn at 39 weeks when i was pregnant with her i use to always sing the song "little ray of sunshine" we also played that song at her funeral.this is the poem i made for head stone.Our little ray of sunshine
that is who you are
now shining down from heaven
as our biggest brightest star
I light a candle for my DD every day and play her song my 3 year old son sings along with me which brings joy to my heart
there's not a day that goes by where i don't think of her she'll always be in a special part of my heart i love you Tiana Lea
[Edited on 08/09/2007]
Sorry for your loss sweetie.

My DD Rhiarna was a twin and we found out she stopped breathing at 33weeks and I delivered her and her brother(who is the light of my life) a few days later.

I used to say Rhiarna was "My little amazing".... Amazing Grace was played at my mums funeral therefore we chose "Grace" as Rhiarna's middle name.

On the night we were told Rhiarna had passed away DH and I sat out the back and looked up at the sky... The brightest star was always my mum and that night there was a tiny light hanging off the brightest we took comfort knowing Rhiarna was with her Nanny.....On Rhiarna's headstone it reads "our little star in heaven"...

Take care,

Mum to twins Luke 13.05.04 & ~Rhiarna~ My sweet angel girl in heaven……and bubba Ryan 26.03.07

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

I too am sorry for your loss. I actually lost my son 2 weeks ago. I had him at 38 weeks and no one knew that he had been sick from birth and he died when he was 7 days old. He had a rare medical condition that made him clinically brain dead so DH and I decided to turn the ventilator off that was helping him breath once we found out what his diagnosis was. He wouldn't of lasted through the night anyway on the ventilator and his eyes were already non-responsive.
It's so hard to lose a baby and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone, life can be so cruel.

I hope you are coping okay, I had the last of my family leave on the weekend so DH myself and our other 2 children finally got to spend some family time together, but it wasn't enough as DH had to go back to work today. I try to be strong for my children and if I want to cry I just go outside or go and lie down or something. DH has made a pact to my BIL and sister that he's determined not to break down in front of me cause he doesn't want to make me upset, but to tell you the truth I'd rather he did so then I know he is also grieving and I can support him like he has done to me.
I'll be having that little chat to him tonight when he gets home.

My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Take Care

Dear Fosketts,I am extremely sorry for your loss.i don't know how we would have coped if we lost our DD the way that your lost DS.
As for your DH, men cope very different with sadness then women.My DH was the exact same as your DH. He did not want to show his emotions in front of me.He distance himself from me which made me very angry,all i could think of is how dare he treat me like this at this time in our lives.I ended up going about it the wrong way,by yelling at him which made us have a huge fight,which we both didn't need.We ended up going to the cemetry to visit our DD,as soon as i got there i broke down ,my DH gave me a great big hug and told me how he was sorry and he went on to explain to me how he was coping in his own way.I understand now why he acted the way he did.something as tragic as this in you life can either make or break your marriage.We are fine now we talk about Tiana alot which helps us.when i need to cry a little i do it by myself so that my 3 year old son isn't worried and wanting to ask me questions.i believe that he needs to be a normal kid like every other 3 year old boy,he does ask me questions about his sister and i try to answer them as best i can so that he understands with out being scared.
Take care i hope you and your family can get through this.
[Edited on 14/09/2007]
Dear JP409C,I'm sorry for your loss.
The night that we lost our DD me and my DH went out side of the hospital the night was very clear,as we looked up at the sky the moon was way up high with one shining star next to it.Straight away we both knew it was our little girl.
Take care....
[Edited on 14/09/2007]
Thanks for sharing your story
[Edited on 06/01/2008]
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