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nausea disappeared ? Im worried historys repeating Lock Rss

After a bloated ovum back in may at 7wks. I have a horrifying feeling the same thing is happening. Just like before i got full on nausea from 11dpo & then at 5wks the nausea has suddenly disappeared.
1st question has anyone had this happen to them more than once?
2nd question has anyone had this nausea cease unusually early then continued on with normal pregnancy?
i dont know if i can deal with this again so soon.
[Edited on 03/09/2007]


I cant help much just wanted to you are not alone! I mc my first at 12 weeks then had dd and had m/s with her until 6 mths. I am now preggy again and i am 7 weeks all of a sudden m/s has stopped sad i am worried i will have another mc. I have a dr's appt on wed so i will tell him of my concerns and see what he says.

Sorry i am not much help!
historys not repeating, in that its not a bloated ovum. my little bean was seen with heartbeat at 6wks gest. However i was told i may still miscarry due to an implantation bleed near sac. Does anyone know anything about this ?


Hi, I'm sorry to hear abot your loss, I had a missed miscarriage in May this year , due to my past pregnancies- threatened miscarriage, bleeding throughout pregnancy and a premmie baby, 6 1/2 weeks.I got a scan at 7 weeks to check this baba, #3 was fine. A few days later i could get out of bed without feeling like I was gonna die,only lasted for abit, i was still sick as a dog just not quite as bad, hope that makes sense!. any way at 10 weeks i had no pain just bright red spotting. long story short I lost Lil one. I'm pregnant again woohoooo! 10 weeks today and still sick but gradually getting a bit better- hey i'm on the computer not at the loo puking.My morning sickness basically went away, so i went to my Dr and she ordered a scan to check cos i'm so scared the same thing would happen( in truth I still am), anyway the scan showed my baby with it's bum in the air moving - so happy.What i'm trying to say is so far so good my pregnancy is fine, it seems normal. I wish you the best of luck i know how scary it is thinking there could be something wrong, I'll give you the same advice people have given me, "think positive even if it is hard". Not much comfort I know but i try to. I had a friend b4 i had the scan ask if i'd try again if it didn't work out this time ,i hate the mind games i think they are as back as the all day morning sickness, but I'd try again, and I hate being pregnant I just love the end result. Hope my ramblings have helped you.
Ive had 8 m/c in 4 1/2 years due a genetic placental problem, but the hardest thing is my body continues on like there is nothing wrong, i dont cramp or bleed, my m/s stays usually until a few days after i loose the baby and all my symptoms stay and i normally have a dating scan and everything is ok but by the time we go for the 12 week scan we see that it didnt develop past 6 or 7 weeks. So sometimes even with symptoms there it doesn't mean everything is ok, dont go off your symptoms lessening as you may just be having a few good days too. try not to stress and if you cant handle it see your doc asap.

[Edited on 08/11/2007]

I had a clot sort of thing sitting above my placenta early on in my pregnancy but it disappeared. An ultrasound should put your mind at ease. I never had any mornig sickness with my first miscarriage but had m/s with my last miscarriage, so I think it is more to do with your hormones than the baby. Some woman don't get m/s at all.

I had bleeding with the first m/c about 6 weeks after I lost it and no clues what so ever with the last m/c until there was no heartbeat at the ultrasound.

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