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slightly scared Lock Rss

hi all, found out yesterday on father's day that i am pregnant. we have been ttc since my 2nd m/c in 4 months (2nd one was 3 months ago) so we're extremely happy but also pretty scared. i think i would lose the plot if we lost this one too so trying to stay positive. we are moving 3 hours away tomorrow morning for a fresh start so hopefully that will help.
hi allison,i hope everthing goes well for you and family.hopefully the move does you good.are you moving near family?
[Edited on 03/09/2007]
thanks bindy31. we don't know anyone where we're moving to, although through the forum i have been chatting to a few women in that area who i will hopefully meet up wtih.
hi allison, im sure you will be fine. once you lose a baby its hard to feel secure with your next pregnancy but unless you have been told other wise there is no reason for it to happen to this one. ive had 2 M/C's also and have gone on to have a beautiful boy after each one. good luck with your move, sometimes a fresh start is just what you need.
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