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Just wanted to vent about ebay pregnancy tests Lock Rss

Hi all I am not usually a vindictive person But I need to vent last Tuesday I bought pregnancy tests off ebay from a trader called "fertilityshop" After now 5 nasty rude emails from him I am so upset I just expected contact which I hadnt got and confirmation that payment was recieved. still havent recieved the tests and so annoyed. Just a warning if you but off this person he can be very rude test are cheap and hopefully I will get them just wish he didnt feel the need to attack a very hormonal woman.

dont let him worry you.i just wanted to know are they cheaper then the shops cause i thought by the time you pay for posting and that i payed $6.95 at chemist and the ladys are much niecer there.just give him a bad name on ebay.good luck with your test.fingers crossed???
I don't know about that seller or the product you purchased, but I bought some preg tests as well as o tests on ebay once. They were in bulk, like pkts of 20. They were very cheap and I got what I paid for. They were crap. They did work to an extent, but were no where near as sensitive as they claimed. They claimed to be able to detect preg 5 days after conception (yeah I know, big claim), however, it took the time for AF to be 2 wks late, for me to go to dr, get a blood test, wait for result, get a positive, receive a call from dr asking to come in for another test to confirm it. At that point I did another urine test (so about 3wks after af) as I was confused about needing to do another blood test after thinking I was preggas. That positive test was only just faint. What I learned was you get what you pay for and you are prob bet to go to a chemist or supermarket.

I hope you let out some frustration with your post and that you don't get duds like I did.

Good luck with your ttc

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