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partners dealing with miscarriage Lock Rss

just wondering if there are many of you out there whose partners aren't dealing very well with a loss? my fiance basically refuses to talk about it and i'm finding it very hard. he also doesn't understand why i want to talk about it and thinks that if it isn't mentioned it will go away and he doesn't have to think about it ever again.
hi at1465
i am sorry for your loss after my loss my dp was no comfort at all and we have never really talked about anything to do with my m/c that's the reason why i joined the forum i found more comfort and understanding from women who had been through the same thing than my dp could offer

We m/c 2 & half years ago and we never really spoke about it to begin with, we were both youngish and didn't really the maturity to talk like couples should so we just kept going. It did affect our relationship at times but we got through it. I found it easier after a while as our relationship grew to talk about things...I day-dream about what she would have looked like, just like her father! We got her cremated and I have her ashes at home in a locket - doing that REALLY helped both of us heal.

Websites like this can be very supportive which is why I will continue to draw on the support here as I am now pregnant for the first time since the m/c.

We actually find it easier now, after so very long to talk about our daughter who couldn't be with us...

I know its easy to say but give it some time and tell him your do want to talk about it when he is ready.

Take Care

When I had my miscarriage the guy I was seeing wouldnt even see me after I lose the baby and he didnt even make sure to see if I was okay or how I felt but I found out later on why he was to busy to see how I was just after I had lose our baby even if the baby wasnt planned.

Instead he was seeing a other women behind my back.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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