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my sister gave birth to a stillborn little girl on the 3rd of june this year.she went for her check up at 39 weeks and thats when they told her,it was on her birthday.they took lots of photos and we all got to meet her.have you got family to talk to?my sis found it good to talk to people who have been through it.she has her good and bad days.its very hard as you get no answer why?they were both healthy.i hope you get some friends of here to talk to.
[Edited on 19/08/2007]
im so so sorry to hear. i dont know what to say. my friend also just lost her baby almost 2 weeks ago at 36 weeks. its been a very sad time indeed.
Sorry to hear about your loss. The same thing happened to me 6wks ago. Hope things work out ok. You may PM me if you wish. Best of luck
I am so sorry to hear about your loss.
The same thing happened to me only last week. The pain is still pretty raw and i am not coping very well. I didnt have any bleeding or cramping.......absoulutely nothing.
Our baby was 20 weeks, I was feeling bub move all week then on the Saturday and Sunday I was worried that i couldnt feel bub moving and it hadnt moved over the last few days. Everyone kept telling me it was fine and that you dont feel bub move all the time. Still I was a bit uneasy.
On the monday we were due for our 20 week scan my husband and I were on a high because we were going to find out the sex. Then the news hit us like a ton of bricks they couldnt find a heart beat, they tried for a good 1/2 hour then said I am sorry for your loss it looks like it has happened only over then last few days. I didnt know what to do I started crying and shaking I couldnt stop, I looked over to my husband who I noticed was also crying, my god i have never seen him cry ever in all the 9 years we have been together. They took us straight up to our doctor who whent through everything about what was about to happen. When she explained I would have to go through labour I was devistated. I didnt want to do this this was unfair isnt there another way. She explained I could have any pain medication I wanted and I didnt have to feel a thing.....that was meant to make me feel better.
I was booked in for Wednesday and I had to sit and wait at home crying and unable to sleep for 2 days. It was all so unreal, how could this have happened I did everything right. Wednesday we went into the maternity ward and got booked in it was hossible all these pregnant ladies and screaming babies I just wanted to die, couldnt they put me somewhere else! It took 18 hours of labour and a lot of pain......which my husband was furious about considering they told me I could have anything I wanted in terms of pain medication, but yet when we kept asking for an epidural they just kept giving me pethadine saying this was better, yet it was doing absolutely nothing to stop the pain!!!
We had a little girl and she was beautiful we held onto her for dear life and I didnt want to let go, she had such tiny little feet and hands and straight away I noticed she had her daddys mouth. We named her Jada Brianne. I was in hospital for another day or so and all I wanted to do was cry. It has been a week today since this bad nightmare had started and I have only just got out of bed. Its so hard to think why this has happened everything was normal at 15 weeks when we had the scan so what happened in only 5 weeks that caused this to happen. I feel for anyone who has been through the same thing, you dont want this for anyone no matter where in the pregnancy they are they pain is still there.
ladies this is the saddest thread i have ever read. I can't imaging what either of you are going through and feel extremely lucky to have had a healthy son myself. you can pm if you want to talk more privately and i am also on msn. let me know if you want to chat more.

I too have gone through this heartache!
I have had 2m/c at 8wks, and lost my boodiful twins at 21wks, Riley Jack and Calin Ann-Louise, 4yrs ago! I now have the most boodiful 7mnth old little girl, Molly Grace.

If you need to talk to me, pm me or add me to msn, anyone!
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