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this is my first post in a while and one id'e hoped not to make i had bleeding so i went to the doctors first thing next morning and was sent straight for a u/s and blood tests returned to the doctors the following day to be told i had a missed m/c i should have been 13 wks but was told bub was only 10 wks from that day it took another week of more tests appointments and hrs of waiting to finally get a d&c done it's been a few weeks now and i cope by going with what the day brings my heart goes out to anyone who has been through a loss
Hi lisa,
First of all I am so sorry to hear of you Loss. It is such a hard thing to deal with so many emntions running around in your head and heart. the waiting is the worset, I lost a baby from a hemorage in my utrus I was bleeding for 6 weeks and i really thought bubs would stay but my little one did not. I had lost another baby before that and found out at my 13 week scan that bubs had died,no bleeding what so ever.

It is good to hear you are coping I dont think we will ever get over the loss but as it took me a while to understand that our little ones that we have lost will be in our hearts for ever so close to us and wraped up in love.

By the sounds of things your taking each day as it comes and that is all my advice for you. One thing that was the heardest for me was seeing other woman pregnant and seeing bubs (due date was the worst) I think if you can go out and not cry every time you see a pregnant woman your half way there. In the end i woudl not go out till i was pregnant lol so silly..

I hope the pain eses hun,
best wishes
hi nikki
first i wanna say i am so sorry for your losses i couldn't imagine what it's like going through more than one loss i have been coping ok some days are worse than others i worry about alot of things i suppose anyone who has been through a loss does i have been having a few funny things going on since after and i don't know weather they are normal or not the main things is i have been dizzy alot and i am really wondering if i should get that checked out??

all the best with bub
hi - this is my first post. i have had two miscarriages - first was in feb and the 2nd was early june. i'm getting there slowly - my sister who has only 1 ovary and was told she'd never have kids fell pregnant, my fiance's younger sister just had her first baby, a friend of my fiance's has also just had her first and my boss is pregnant! it's very hard with all these babies and pregnant people everywhere but i'm very slowly getting thru it. we are trying to fall pregnant again - will know in a couple of weeks. seeing my fiance hold the newborns was so hard, i ran away crying but i know that it's helping me also.
I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. I know exactly how you are feeling. I have had 6 miscarriages over the past 2.5 years. I am now 11 weeks pregnant and am very worried it will happen again. I am remaining positive though!!

Tests haven't been able to prove exactly what caused my miscarriages but I have had ovarian cancer and only have 1 ovary. The miscarriages were around and in between operations related to the it is assumed it may be related to that.

It is so difficult to deal with loss, but time does make it a little easier. The main thing I learnt after my last baby was to talk to people, whether it be friends, family or even someone you don't know very well who is detached from you and the situation.

I was a mess after my last miscarriage and shut myself off and went straight back to work and didn't deal with the grief. I was just over 12 weeks and had an ultrasound and bubs had died 2 weeks before.

So my advice is talk to people, there are a lot of compassionate people on here who have been through the same thing as you. Let me know if you want to talk on MSN or something. Just remember people are here for you.

Look after yourself xxx

i hope you dont find me rude.
i have just found out my sister inlaw has had her 2nd misscarage. i feel terrible as they have been trying for kids for years. i dont know what to say, when i heard about the 1st bubs i was so happy for them then they lost it, with the second they told us and a few days later they had lost it.
i find it so hard as i got pregnant by accident, then my other brother got pregnant, both our babys made it and neither of us were trying, yet my brother and his wife who have been trying for years loose theres, i just hope they are lucky soon, i know they would be great parents. i dont say mush to him as i guess there isnt a lot i could say to them, i havent been in there or your situation, i cant even comprehend what it must be like.
how do i help with there grief, can i help with there grief. i love my brother and want to help him. what can people say to make it easier?
memphis 15mths
Your brother sounds like he has a great sister. one who cares. Sounds to me, like your doing everything you can for them. Its a very lonely process, no matter how much support they have, & unfortunately, unless you can wave some baby dust & help get them pregnant, theres probably nothing you can do for them,(as a babys probably the only thing that will raise their spirits right now.) other than being there for them , & perhaps being sensitive to their feelings with things you say and do.We all wish we could say something to make them feel better, but in all truth, nothing said can help, but they will sense your empathy & support.
congratulations to you as well !!!
[Edited on 20/09/2007]


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