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days of sadness often come and secret tears still flow, but memories keep you near me because i love you so. no matter how life changes, no matter what i do, the special place within my heart will always be for you. life go's on without you leila but things are not the same, its so hard to hide the heartache whenever i speak your name. if tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, i walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.......... >> This is how i feel about my beautiful daughter leila who was 28 weeks gestation and unfortunatly was very sick and passed away. i got to hold my beautiful little girl and kiss her beautiful little cheeks. as she lay there motionless with her eyes closed.. i knew she was n a better place, far away from this hellish earth. her first birthday has passed by a few months ago, we celebrated with a birthday cake, i knew she was with us, i could feel her warmth. oh how my heart and my arms ache for my little girl... for anyone who knows how this feels...... you are not alone, for i am with you.

mummy 2 leila & mia x

Hi There,
Sorry to hear about your loss. But that is a lovely post smile
Wishing a belated Happy Birthday to your little angel.
that was beautiful and im so sorry for your loss.
I am very sorry for your loss of little Leila.

Sending lots of hugs your way.

That was beautiful, it made me cry sad Sorry to hear of your loss of Leila. Happy Belated Bday to her too.

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